PJD's Friday Linkstasy - Random Vikings Player Picture Edition

PJD's Friday Linkstasy - Random Vikings Player Picture Edition


PJD's Friday Linkstasy - Random Vikings Player Picture Edition


The Linkstasy is a feature where we fill space by bringing you the best and greatest links from around the interwebs in the last week. Some may have to do with Vikings football. Most probably won’t, though. And at the end, we’ll send you off with our song of the day. Hopefully, this will be a good tool to kick off your weekend and allow you to spend more time indoors with the air conditioner because Jesus Damn it has sucked hot flaming balls outside this week.

Any tips, links, laughs, videos, suggestions, Twitter feeds, LeBron takes, Vikings related or otherwise, that you want to see here send to purplejesusdiaries@gmail.com or leave a message in the comments. Totally awesome links, after the jump …

Squid has an owie: The biggest news this week is that Squid Rice has a valid reason for not showing up at Larry Fitzy-cents Minnesota training event this year, as he’s still has a lingering hip issue that forced him to miss the Pro Bowl last year. His uber-douce agent Drew Rosenhaus reported this, and it makes me say to myself, “Why do your hips hurt so much Squid? To much underaged ass in your life?” That of course is speculation though.

The Metrodome gets a face lift: WCCO is reporting that the Metrodome is going to become more “Viking” centric. Does this mean we’ll be able to pillage and rape the opposing team’s locker room!?! … Probably not. It means things will look more purple and gold around there though. My question is why? They’re just going to leave after this season anyway for LA. Why waste the money?

Lebron James is a whore and Brett Favre is jealous: Oh, did you hear that Lebron James is a selfish whore that took an hour of television last night to break the hearts of children in Cleveland and New York everywhere? Pretty classy, dick. You’re no MJ and you never will be. Meanwhile, in Mississippi, a farm boy wrings his hat in anger at the attention LBJ brought to himself. Prepare for a one upping!

Asher Allen knows he sucked: ScoutsInc caught up with Asher Allen who apparently knows he has some flaws he needs to work on in case he every wants to see the field. Usually tackling would be the big one, friend. Since Scouts like to try to make you pay for shit, forget doing that and just read the article a nice person posted on Rube Chat.

Holy shit they blew nukes up in space: Did you know that they blew nukes up in space? It’s fucking wild. It also makes me poop my pants in fear just a little bit. Not a lot, just a little skid mark.

People you hate on Facebook: The Gally Blog has a nice historic look at a girl’s Facebook status update that all of us can relate to. You know, it’s the girl that makes you want to hit a woman for the second time? Wait, are you not Chris Brown? Move along.

Drew Brees is afraid: When asked if he was afraid of facing the Vikings for the opening game of the NFL season, Drew Bress said … “Kinda”. Cool. I would be too if I knew that Visanthe Shiancoe has been spending his offseason pretending Saints players were terrorists and shooting them in the face.

Kind of not Timberwolves news: Remember Ryan Gomes and Randy Foye? They apparently got signed by the Clippers last night. Great move, McHale, you know how to draft them. Also, rumor yesterday was that Mike Miller was going to sign like a $35 Million dollar contract with the Heat which just makes me god damn furious.

Play Nintendo all day long: If you need to waste any more time, follow this link and you can play pretty much and old school Nintendo game that you want right from your computer. Yes, this includes several Tecmo Bowls. Also? Super Mario 2 is highly underrated.

And now our song of the day!


See you Monday, kids.

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