The Cardinals Are Biting Pillows

The Cardinals Are Biting Pillows

St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals Are Biting Pillows



That was a painful series in Colorado people. Real painful. Alleged terrorist and friend of the site Slick Willy was at all three games. And if his texts were any indication on how Cardinal Nation feels after getting the pointy end of the broom up the tookus… then we’re in trouble folks.

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The worst part is that the runs were there… but now the bullpen falls apart. For months it’s been a stagnant offense that was the culprit. It’s like these guys are trying to mess with our heads.

I tweeted last week that for the first time in 2010, I was not 100% sure the Cardinals were making the playoffs this season. I still put it at about 95% last week. But as of yesterday, I think the confidence meter is dropping precipitously.

So much so, that we need to do a poll. Answer now or over the weekend and I’ll create the Cardinal Fan Confidence Meter and post it on Monday.

Put a % on It: Cardinals Make Playoffsonline surveys

Now… The Friday Links

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Go forth. Enjoy the weekend. Watch the World Cup Final on Sunday and drink a beer for me.

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