Votto humble

Votto humble


Votto humble


What a guy!

“I think that what Charlie did was great,” Votto said, and if ever again you need proof of the kindness of Canadians, look no further. “I’ve got a manager in Dusty Baker who would do the exact same thing. I think any player that plays this game wants a guy that covers their back, a guy that will pick them first, a guy that rights the wrongs because there have been past instances where Ryan Howard wasn’t selected and probably should have.

“I like managers like that. I have a manager like that. I think that’s a really cool thing.”

Humility. Numbers. Overcoming adversity. A vote for Votto was as easy as a vote against the BCS. Now all Votto needs is to break the NL’s 14-year winless streak in the All-Star Game, which would necessitate Manuel using him, which might get in the way of Omar Infante’s(notes) playing time, heaven forbid.

“We’ve gotten used to Joey’s heroics,” Baker said. “That’s Joey. He’s getting better, and he’s going to be even better soon.”

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