Bomar's time

Bomar's time

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Bomar's time


Rhett Bomar will start against the Steelers.

Eli Manning and Jim Sorgi will not play Saturday .  Since they are out, third string quarterback Rhett Bomar has an opportunity to make a name for himself.  On Saturday night, Bomar will play the majority of the game.  Does he have what it takes to play at the pro level?

Yes.  Not only will Bomar play well on Saturday, he will make the 53 man roster.  Bomar, a 2009 fifth round draft choice, was selected  because he was “too much value”.  Bomar has a tremendous quick release. Because of this skill, his Giants’ teammates call him FLICK.  On the other hand, his weakness is throwing a deep ball.  Head coach Tom Coughlin had this to share about Bomar:  “We are really going to have to work hard to get his momentum going into his throws, especially off to the left,” Coughlin said. “The deeper it has to travel, then it seems to lose a little.” 

Interestingly, in this evening’s practice,  Bomar did not connect on a couple of long pass plays.   But he also misfired on his final two throws of the afternoon, both deep shots at the end of the two-minute drill. 

 Meanwhile, because of his impressive play against the Jets,  Giants’ offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride  had praise for Bomar.  adding the Giants QB played “terrific” against the Jets.   Since Bomar will play against the first sting Steelers defensive unit, Gilbride plans on dummying down the playbook.   “We were kind of looking forward to this week to broadening what we were doing. We’ll try to do a couple little things, but it certainly is going to curtail some of the things we were going to do, because we want to keep Rhett in an area where he feels comfortable.”   

This can be translated: Gilbride will call more running plays.  Especially if the Giants have a lot of third and longs.   Let us hope Gilbride does not become too conservative.  It is my judgment that Gilbride should open up the playbook.  Give Bomar a chance to grow.  Undoubtedly he is going to make mistakes.  Let him make mistakes during these preseason games.  If this is done, when he is called upon to play when it counts, he will be battle-tested. 

 Go Rhett!

Here is a scouting report on Bomar.

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