Does Wilson Chandler have value to the Celtics?

Does Wilson Chandler have value to the Celtics?

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Does Wilson Chandler have value to the Celtics?


Via ESPN's Chris Sheridan:

The Knicks are among the teams trying to acquire the Spanish shooting guard, and they have offered Wilson Chandler.

Other offers on the table include the Boston Celtics and Chicago
Bulls each offering a No. 1 draft pick in 2011, a league source told

But after the Blazers turned down several offers of first-round
picks in the teens on draft night when the team was still being run by
former general manager Kevin Pritchard, they are looking to see if they
can get a similar offer from a team they believe will finish in the
middle of the pack next season.

Portland doesn't want Wilson Chandler nor the Celtics 1st round pick for Rudy Fernandez. Screw them.

But what about bringing Chandler to Boston? He's an athletic swing man (6-8, 225) who can provide relief for Paul Pierce. No, he's not the shooter that Doc and Danny covet (career 30% from 3 FG), but he can score (15 ppg) and rebound (5.4 rpg). 

Chandler is in the final year of his rookie contract – $2.13 million. I'm guessing the Knicks would want more than the Celtics 1st round pick. I'm not even sure such a trade works under the salary cap, but I'm bored and wanted to throw this idea to the wolves, i.e. you guys.

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