Five Things from Coltzilla

Five Things from Coltzilla


Five Things from Coltzilla


A recap of last night’s game

1.) I think we get too worked up over player performance in the preseason. Too often, we are quick to berate them when they have a bad game and too often we are quick to praise them when they light the world on fire. Fans should hold off on their judgments until all preseason games are over before they make a final assessment. You just never know how a player will look week to week. Curtis Painter and Taj Smith looked like two of the first roster cuts last week and this week they looked like Manning to Harrison reincarnated. Blair White looked like he was going to have a breakthrough game only to not have a single catch this week.

What we are looking for is consistency from these players If they can show that they are able to put up decent to great performances week in and week out, thats when we can determine whether they belong on the roster or not.

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