My Bills vs Colts recap and some kick ass audio by yours truly

My Bills vs Colts recap and some kick ass audio by yours truly

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My Bills vs Colts recap and some kick ass audio by yours truly


–Well, that was an entertaining preseason game. The Bills 1st team finally got off the snide by scoring their first preseason touchdown in two years. Yes, TWO FRICKEN YEARS!? The defense got an interception return for a touchdown and Trent Edwards actually completed a deep throw to Lee Evans. Oh, and that guy CJ Spiller, he can change direction faster than a blind man driving a car. All in all, it was a lot better effort than last week’s debacle–

–Look, before we get into the quarterbacks, I just have to say that I didn’t understand the coverage of this being “Brohm’s last stand.” First off, how the hell would you give the starting job to Brohm after playing with a bunch of 2nd and 3rd string guys? Sorry, but you needed to see what Brohm would look like with the starters. Like I wrote earlier this week, this quarterback competition has been completely flawed from the get go. It’s going to be Edwards starting against Miami, and that decision was made a looooong time ago–

–For Trent, he played OK. He finally completed a long touchdown pass to Lee Evans. It’s so funny for fans to be able to see a long bomb completed by the Bills because it reminds me of a cavemen discovering fire. Its like, “Wow, the forward pass!?” Edwards was also able to work the 10-12 yard pass patterns to Roscoe Parrish and he didn’t seem to let the pass rush affect his game this week. Hey, it’s baby steps for Edwards and for one week, his biggest antagonists (me and everyone in Buffalo) will have to give it a rest–

–As for Brohm, he played well and showed that he can make some NFL throws (He had great touch on the long completion to Chad Jackson towards the end of the first half). However, you still have to get touchdowns and that’s something that Fitzpatrick was able to get against the Redskins. You know who Brohm reminded me of? What Trent Edwards looked like two years ago. He was able to complete a bunch of passes, but he just didn’t stretch the field enough. Brohm was effecient, completing 14 of 21 passes for 125 yards. Again, though, he has to get the team in the endzone…or better yet, have him start a preseason game so we can see what he looks like against NFL starters–

–Overall, I really don’t know who the Bills are going to pick as their #2 or #3 quarterback. And frankly, I’m not sure what I would do either. I know they have a couple more weeks before they make final cuts, but if it were up to me, I’d go with Brohm over Fitzpatrick. You gotta go with the guy that has more upside. We already know what we get with Fitzpatrick and that’s a career backup. As for Levi Brown, I still don’t know what the Bills have with him and even though he has a real funny Twitter page, he’s still a 7th round rookie. Honestly, I’d just try and keep all the veterans, then try and sneak Brown onto the practice squad–

–OK, enough about the quarterbacks, let us get to the guy that really got our blood pumping tonight: CJ Spiller. The dude has some killer moves. Just hooking, jiving and changing direction on a drop of a dime. Like I’ve said all along, he’s that homerun threat for the Bills, who can take it to the house at any time. Spiller’s 31-yard touchdown run, where he avoided three would be tacklers, was just sick. He carried the ball 10 times for 54 yards and proved that he may be able to carry the load. Yes, it was only 10 carries, but Gailey didn’t try nursing his carries and gave it to him a bunch in the first half, which may prove that the coach may see Spiller as being more than just a change of pace back. Again, it’s going to be interesting to see what the Bills are going to do with the carry distribution for their running backs when Jackson and Lynch get back–

–Thought the first team defense played…eh…OK? I guess. Yes, Manning did guide the Colts to two touchdown drives and the offense was money on 3rd down, but the Bills did make some nice defensive plays. Throw in a Terrence McGee 78-yard interception return for a touchdown and some nice run stuffing plays by Kyle Williams behind the line of scrimmage and it didn’t go too bad. I still would like to see more pressure on the opposing quarterbacks, but I’m not holding my breath on that–

–Memo to Bills defensive coaches: I don’t want to see Paul Posluzny cover running backs 30-yards down the field. That’s my biggest fear for the Bills defense: How are their linebackers going to do in pass coverage? It scares me to think of Chris Kelsay and Poz covering backs and tight ends–

–2nd Memo to Bills defensive coaches: Please teach Donte Whitner how to tackle. There is just no excuse for Whitner to whiff on Addai’s 17-yard touchdown run. If Donte wants to come out and say that the 3-4 defense is going to make him into a more aggressive safety, then please, back your talk up–

–Have to say that Chad Jackson is really making a name for himself this preseason. The catch he made before the end of the first half was one for the highlight reel. Jackson had a team-high 5 receptions for 52 yards. As of now, if you are excluding James Hardy, who we haven’t seen much of, Jackson would be my pick for the Bills 4th wide receiver. I still think Hardy deserves to make this team–

–Was it just me, or didn’t the main camera for this game seem a little out of whack? Normally, when you are watching an NFL game, you don’t really see the near sideline (The one at the bottom of the TV screen), but for this broadcast, I practically saw the player’s benches and a ton of Gatorade buckets. What am I getting at? Normally, you would see the crowd, but for this broadcast, you didn’t. Something tells me that the Bills broadcast team didn’t want the fans at home to see the stadium half full–

–Thought Kyle Williams played a great game. He sniffed out a screen pass on the first drive and he buried Joseph Addai on a running play about 4-yards behind the line of scrimmage. If Williams can become a legit nose tackle, then this 3-4 experiment won’t be looking too bad–

–Look, this has nothing to do with the first two preseason games being nothing short of a disaster for special teams. However, I warned people after the hiring of Bruce DeHaven that you shouldn’t all of a sudden think that the Bills were going to resemble the early 90’s version of special teams supremacy. Bruce isn’t coaching Steve Tasker or Mark Pike. Plus, the Bills got rid of some of their special teams aces like Jon Corto and Justin Jenkins. I’m just saying that it is going to take time for the players to adjust to DeHaven’s coaching methods. Also, it should be noted that once Tasker started to get old, DeHaven’s special teams started to take a turn for the worse. Remember when Chris Berman use to say, “Oh, those Bills special teams!!?” He didn’t say that as a compliment, he said it because the Bills special teams of the mid to late 90’s started to go down hill. Do I even need to get into the “Music City Miracle?”–

–Ray Bentley? Gosh, how I miss the days of Gus Johnson!–

–BTW, preseason is still a complete farce. So, since the Bills got killed by the Redskins last week and most fans were ready to sell their season tickets, what is the reaction going to be after the team beat down the reigning AFC Champions? Are the Bills going to make the Super Bowl? Is Trent Edwards going to become the next Drew Brees? Aga
in, if your attitude towards the Bills is positive or negative, don’t let preseason football influence your choice. Frankly, the way I view it, having preseason football is better than not having any football…So, enjoy it–

–Lastly, there were a lot of publications in Canada declaring the “Bills in Toronto” series to be a complete disaster. Yet, the Bills came out and scored 34 points in a pretty exciting exhibition game. Hmmm….gotta wonder if Ralph Wilson told the troops that they better be entertaining since the Rogers Group ponied up 78-million dollars for these games. Something tells me that when this agreement expires, Wilson, would be lucky to even get a tour of the CN Tower–

***Also, check out my co-hosting duties with my good friends at BSN for the show known as “BSN After Hours.” Scroll to the 3:30 mark. Let me know what you guys think!***

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