Perk endorses Shaq signing

Perk endorses Shaq signing

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Perk endorses Shaq signing


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10 days ago, Shaq said he's got no beef with Kendrick Perkins… today, Perk basically said the same.

"I thought it was a great pickup for what we got him for," Perkins said by phone from Texas. "Shaq is a Hall of Famer. He can always help us. I think it was a great pickup. I am glad that he is on the team. We just got one goal, and that's just trying to win the ring."

Team president Danny Ainge said last week that Perkins would have to work to regain his starting spot in the lineup when he returned to full health. Perkins said he is not intimidated by that challenge.

"I don't see it threatening me at all," he said. "I gotta work hard. I know I gotta fight to get back to where I was. It's no problem with me. Hard work is not a problem."

How can you not love Perk?  Dude is all business.  I have no doubt whatsoever that once Perk is healthy, he's the starter. 

As for our search for a wing… and anyone thinking Delonte West fits the bill.  Delonte was suspended 10 games for pleading guilty to that gun charge.  Not sure how that affects his status and interest from teams.  Frankly, I don't think he fits here anymore.  We need someone bigger.  

But.. never say never… so we'll just keep an eye on it anyway.

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