Please Welcome John Mozeliak to the Pennant Race & the Friday Links

Please Welcome John Mozeliak to the Pennant Race & the Friday Links

St. Louis Cardinals

Please Welcome John Mozeliak to the Pennant Race & the Friday Links


Some breaking news – Danny Mac was arrested late Monday night on suspicion of driving drunk. And for some reason, the Post used a picture of him when he was about 16. The “new and improved” beefier Danny Mac would laugh at that scrawny little bastard, but then he’d have to sit down because he’s out of breath. It’s kind of weird that the news of this took three nights to come out, as obsessed as we all are about 1) Cardinal baseball, 2) St. Louis sports media, and 3) gossip. If even three or four St. Louis moms ever started a gossip blog, the city would crumble.

Read Hooks’ Weekly InsideSTL article HERE

As for Thursday’s big news, mere hours after prying away Pedro Feliz from slow-pitch softball teams everywhere, Cardinals GM John Mozeliak declared that the ballclub should kinda sorta start winning games, maybe.   Per BJ Rains (the Cardinal writer, not the 90s porn star), Mozeliak says:

“We have to start wining baseball games. Talk is cheap. It has to start tomorrow.”

Hey, yeah! I like that idea. Let’s listen to that guy.

So the series vs. San Francisco begins tonight with the Cards 3.5 games behind the Reds (though only two in the loss column). I’m pretty sure their GM gave the “talk is cheap” speech already, which could be why they re-gained the NL Central lead. Maybe this is the point where the Birds quit making asses of themselves.

The Giants won’t make it easy, with MadBum, Lincecum and Zito taking the hill. They wouldn’t even let the Cards knock around Todd Wellemeyer, who was just cut loose. And because I know you’re wondering – I’m 99.9% sure the Cardinals aren’t interested in bringing the Todalion back. They already have enough guys off the scrap heap, they’re going to have to spend extra for all those World Series rings.

And because Hooks is out west at a Glee Convention…oops, wasn’t supposed to say that…here are some links / some stuff / and some junk for you to enjoy:

  • Want to be buried in a Cardinals Casket? Done. I wonder if they’ll throw in a Fat Head or two? LINK HERE
  • How doest the Flux Capacitor work? LINK HERE
  • Movie Infographics – there’s a lot of stuff to go over, but it’s pretty cool (and nerdy!) LINK HERE
  • Hooks sent me this, and I’m curious what his description would be. LINK HERE
  • The only bad thing about this is that we don’t get to cut down the trees to make phone books. Dammit! LINK HERE
  • How does Justin Bieber’s songs (and others) sound 800% slower? LINK HERE
  • Leave it to a guy named Stephenson Billings to determine if your husband is gay or not. LINK HERE
  • YouTube clip 1: Why didn’t they take video of some fat guy pounding the shit out of the vending machine? LINK HERE
  • YouTube clip 2: Still under 21 and need beer? Watch and learn, kiddos. LINK HERE
  • You like trivia. You like movies. And I know you like Legos. LINK HERE
  • Who knew about the Illinois State Fair and didn’t tell me?? LINK HERE
  • Brendan Ryan: Lots of questions, including “What in the effing hell is this?” LINK HERE
  • Gamechangers Ep. 3 – Joe Buck makes it to Funny Or Die. LINK HERE

Have a good weekend, and here’s to Producer Joe KO’ing “Media Member” Evan Makovsky later tonight.

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