Yea or nay: Should the Tennessee Titans re-sign Brandon Jones?

Yea or nay: Should the Tennessee Titans re-sign Brandon Jones?


Yea or nay: Should the Tennessee Titans re-sign Brandon Jones?


Certainly, we’re all familiar with WR Brandon Jones. The enigmatic receiver played his first few seasons in the city of Nashville, tantalizing us with his talents while simultaneously frustrating us with his inability to produce on a consistent basis.

In 2008, his final season as a Tennessee Titan, Jones had a breakout year of sorts, notching a career-high 41 catches for 449 yards and a score. Of course, Jones chose to sign elsewhere in free agency the following year, bestowing his John Hancock on a contract with San Francisco.

Brandon’s days as a 49er didn’t last long, as his lack of production (only one catch in 2009) eventually led to his release earlier this week.

Lo and behold, the Titans have been mentioned as one of the teams that are interested in signing Jones.

One of the factors involved in the team contemplating the notion of re-signing Jones could be the health of WR Justin Gage, who’s been battling a thumb injury as of late. While the Titans have several young WR’s who are battling for playing time, if Gage’s thumb injury lingers, the team may be interested in bringing in a veteran security blanket such as Jones.

As he entered free-agency in 2009, I was slightly hopeful that the Titans would bring him back into the fold. He was a guy who paid his dues and after frustrating many with his inconsistent ways, started to turn things around in 2008. Of course, his eventual price-tag was a bit too much for the Titans’ taste, so I wasn’t that disappointed to see him leave for financially greener pastures.

I guess I wouldn’t be opposed to bringing back the “Brandon Jones Experience” to Nashville. This time around, the expectations wouldn’t be as high; he’s no longer the up-and-coming WR that we’re counting on to develop into a solid producer…he’s the veteran who would be brought in to be a player who could step up when needed.

Besides, if the team can continue to give Paul Williams a chance to make the squad, why not extend a hand in Brandon’s direction?

What are your thoughts, guys? Should a Brandon Jones/Tennessee Titan reunion take place?

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