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18to88 Around the Net


18to88 Around the Net


I want to call your attention to a couple of 18to88 related links around the web today.

First, check out this brief entry on Redleg Nation’s RN Around the World page.  I posted a couple of pictures about how I celebrate opening day here in Argentina.

Second, check out this post discussing the role of bloggers and teams.  It’s riffing off of my post earlier this week.

On the other hand, you have bloggers who can do anything they want to:  use any advertisers on their sites, offer recipes for barbecue puppies, complain about any player, or take video cam shots of graphic nudity with a team’s logo pasted all over.  It doesn’t matter to the blogger, but it matters mightily to the Colts, the other teams, the league, and other pro sports.  They have to control the message and the bloggers are uncontrollable.

The overall point is that the market will eventually force the NFL’s hand on these issues.

To that I can only add this: mmmmm. Barbecued puppies!

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