Carmelo + Twitter = TWolves?!?

Carmelo + Twitter = TWolves?!?

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Carmelo + Twitter = TWolves?!?


Not much going on these days, as you all probably know.  But we just came across this nugget (haha get it?) on Twitter, thanks to forum member “DaddyFatSax”
From Sam Amico:

Early word around NBA is Nuggets will try to trade Carmelo to 1 of 3 teams: Wolves, Kings, Nets. In other words, careful what you wish for.

Would Melo stick with the Wolves if the Nuggets did a 3 year sign and trade to give him that $65 million he wants?  He’s the alpha leader that we still desperately need.

We give the Nuggets whatever. Brewer + Webster? + Telfair (to match salary) + Lots and lots of future draft picks?  Not sure what else they would really want.  I assume we wouldn’t move Love/Rubio.  I also assume there are a lot of guys on our team they wouldn’t even want.  Not sure if I’d move Wesley Johnson, but maybe if we knew Carmelo was going to stay with us for the long haul, and wasn’t a one year rental.

Maybe he’d actually want to stay with us, since we (presumably) wouldn’t be trading away the few good players we actually have?  Unfortunately, the Kings and Nyets can both offer more attractive talent packages, but we can give better/more draft picks.

What do you guys think?


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