I'm still speechless from last night

I'm still speechless from last night


I'm still speechless from last night


As embarrassing losses go, last night’s ranks way up there for the season, I think. There’s just something so … maddening about blowing such an easy play and having it turn out so terribly. I hate hammering the point home because I’m sure Lastings Milledge feels 1000x worse about it than I could ever imagine, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. I do kind of wish he was in the lineup tonight to make up for the gaffe, but that’s only because Ryan Doumit is somehow a worse fielder than Milledge is.

Zach Duke takes the mound against the Brewers tonight, coming off of one of his best starts of the year against the Mets on Sunday. If the Pirates ever needed to just lay a 15-2 beating on someone, I feel like tonight’s that night. First pitch is 7:10, Clemente/Cangelosi is after the jump (for real this time).

A great start from Dan McCutchen, McDonald getting hung with five Milledge-runs last night, and Ronny Cedeno winning Clemente mean that the last two games were absolutely brutal for the standings. A few lucky people, like the Dominator, put up a wash both nights and only PHook4000 ended up in the plus column after these two games. Fully updated standings:

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