Los Angeles Angels Post Game Rants and Raves (8-27-2010)

Los Angeles Angels Post Game Rants and Raves (8-27-2010)


Los Angeles Angels Post Game Rants and Raves (8-27-2010)


By Jeff Flinn – AngelsWin.com Contributor
Callaspo continues to hit well with 2 more hits, and is now 18 for his past 40. Once the wrist heals for 2011, the XBHs will hopefully pick up again.
Walden has another standout inning of relief, striking out two batters including Wigginton on 100mph heat. Gotta love his stuff (both the heat and the GB/FB ratio).
Rivera actually did a decent job at 1B with some solid plays. Better for him to DH or play 1B than the OF, to be sure.
Bell has his 3rd outing in the past 4 with at least 5 innings, and goes a MLB career high 7 innings with great control (only 89 pitches and just 1 walk).
Once again, a mediocre pitcher shuts down the Halos! Bergesen had allowed 21 home runs in 123.1 innings prior.
The bottom five batters each goes 0-3. What is this, a battle for consistency????
Abreu looks mostly lost at the plate again, and is mired in a 4-31 slump including ELEVEN Ks! Just wretched Bobby!!!!
Matsui sees his hitting streak end.
Kendrick messes up a potential double play ball in the 8th to allow the 3rd run to score. His defense has been up and down like his hitting in 2010!
Torii Hunter = stupid baserunning, TWICE!!!!!!! Hey Torii, I admire your fortitude, but STOP giving up outs on the bases!
Again last night, the Halos come off of ONE hard hitting game and proceed to go into the tank YET AGAIN!!!!
What is it about this team that makes it soooooo hard to string together any number of solid hitting games????
Why is it this team can score a lot of runs in one game, but also be doormat for several games right after that?????
There just isn’t a whole lot of fire seen in the batters in the Halos’ lineup, and hasn’t been for most of this season.
Rumors abound that someone comparable to a 24 year-old stalled prospect in AA is coming to the Halos in the Fuentes deal. How the heck then did Texas get THREE SOLID prospects from the Red Sox, including solid part-time OF David Murphy, for Eric Gagne in 2007. The same Gagne coming off of only 20+ innings pitched in 2005 and 2006, and only available to the Red Sox for 2 months in 2007.

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