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The Week That Were- Opening Weekend 2010!

Late Sunday/early Monday during the season (what can I say- west coast timezone), tBBC will be bringing you reflections on that week’s game. And, since it’s always great to have mood music to read to, let’s start with this clip from Pitchfork’s top ten videos from the ’90’s

All is right with the world- football is back, baby! And what a slate of games we had… although, for Buckeye fans, it all seems anticlimactic after Thursday night, amiright?

Ignore Akbar at your peril

In case you’ve forgotten, Houston Nutt has a penchant for overtime games, being on the sidelines for several of the longest contests in history while at Arkansas.  The one thing, though- he needs to remember how to “win” in OT and not just “play for OT”, as the Rebels were upset Saturday by the Gamecocks of Jacksonville State. As a public service announcement, tBBC would like to remind you that Jeremiah Masoli is now 0-2 in his last two games. Best part? Ole’ Miss paid $300,000 for the pleasure of the upset. Almost as much fun as my favorite season opener ever.

We talked about Mich1gAAn during the livechat, and will do so again later on Monday. I will say this; their version of the wildcat offense looked pretty good. And UConn’s defense and offense looked pretty terrible. In my opinion, the highlight wasn’t the running game but something far more significant.

Kentucky’s new coach beat Louisville’s new coach, in the first match up of these two teams while each had an African American at the helm.  Interestingly enough, Kentucky’s three major programs (UK, UofL, WKU) are all led by African American head coaches- there are only nine others in Division 1A (FBS, whatever). For the Kats and Cards, it’s probably exciting to talk about coaches and not use the word “investigation” or “payoff“.

Late Saturday night “Ohio’s BCS Team” gave up a late comeback to lose to Fresno State… Are we sure they didn’t import the entire Western Michigan team along with their coach? In addition on Thursday, The Utes upset the Pitt Stachers, in overtime. Let’s see- UofL, UC, UConn, Pitt all blow opening weekend games… Yup, Big lEast it is. I hope Jim Delaney was watching as he ponders even more expansion options… each of these teams has a chance to win that conference.

In the “Jerry Dome”, Oregon State’s Rogers brothers had a chance at a big homecoming game, but were thwarted by the Beaver’s miscues and the offense of the Horned Frogs. Since I tend to be the guy that gets to make the fashion commentary (sweatpants and intramural tshirts are always in) hereabouts, let me point out that TCU’s “Pro Combat” pants look like they were throwbacks to the 80’s Zubaz look. When the Horned Frogs look to “fight ’em on the ice“, my hope is that “’em” refers to Nike’s design team.

Your play of the week comes from the Blue Hose of Presbyterian… Wait, is that another clothing reference?

Although, as we discussed during this week’s livechat, it’s not original. Tom Osborne- Innovator.

Ricky Stanzi, Real American, led the Hawkeyes to an opening week victory; although it seemed as if most people in Iowa City were interested in something significantly more hokey. Illinois started their season the way that they usually do, and have people wondering if it’s time to start getting excited about the hardwoods. Wisconsin represented the conference well, pounding UNLV in a late Saturday game. Michigan State won, and unleashed seemingly another great running back from Ohio. Indiana won (I’m as surprised as you are), and our nerds are better than the SEC nerds in football.

Penn State started a freshman QB, and were able to keep the Spread HD to within thirty against the Penguins. Coach Paterno was quoted as saying that he couldn’t remember the last time a freshman QB started for the Lions, although that could mean that it was last season. Either Notre Ame has earned their “D” back, or Purdue has taken a step backward from last season. Remind me again where I’ve seen their quarterback? Oh, right…

Since it’s Miami week, it’s relevant to note that Florida struggled in their game against the… what? The Redhawks? And they held the Gators to 25 yards into the third quarter?  Hmmm- I wonder if Urban is reconsidering un-retiring? The defense looks solid, though, and ultimately the Gators had too many athletes for the team from Oxford. Which is to be expected…

Your guess is as good as his

Also in the S!E!C!, Les Miles worked like everything to give away a game where the other team had a number of players suspended. Mad hatter, or “All hat, no cattle?” They did get hosed on the late onside, but then gave the game back to the Tarheels with a fumble as the Tigers were going in.

Another set of coaching decisions that backfired- Tulsa lost to East Carolina by two points, but missed out on three two point attempts during the game. Failing on the first led to the need to go for the second, and the rest is scoreboard. Granted, the game had 7 lead changes in the 5th quarter and it was decided on a Hail Mary at the end, but if Tulsa kicks all three extra points they win. Keep this kind of thing in mind when you get frustrated that the Senator is “too conservative”.

Some things went just as expected: Texas, Oregon, and Alabama all rolled. The Tide were missing Heisman winner Mark Ingram, who is out recovering from an injury. You’ve got to wonder if the Tide would be pre-season #1 if knowledge of Ingram’s injury was made public during camp- although, I still like where the Buckeyes started out.

Elsewheres in the Big 12-2, Nebraska rolled while Choklahoma did all they could to give away the Utah State game. The Turner Gill era in Kansas began with a whimper… 6-3 loss against North Dakota State. Missing the big guy yet?

For the first (and last) time, here are photos from the Baylor/Sam Houston State game.  My promise to you- send us photos from a game you go to, and we’ll put them up if it’s ridiculous enough.

Yup. Sam Houston.

During their beating, the quarterback from Northwestern State realized that the only way to score against Air Force was by helicopter:

Wrapping up the Pac 10+2: Arizona State’s fans and mascots are very VERY excited about their season… UCLA fans are finding out that there’s definitely an “I” in Neuheisel, and there seems to be a lot on their team as well. USC’s defense against Hawaii was just about as effective as their defense in the NCAA hearings. I thought the point of hiring Lane “5 wins in the last 4 seasons” Kiffin was to get his Dad’s defensive prowess on the sidelines as well.

Since we didn’t do a “Game from Obscurity” for this last week, I’ll take this time to point out that our friend Josh Winslow’s Taylor Trojans retained the “Old Wagon Wheel” by defeating my Anderson Ravens in a NAIA/D3 matchup that’s had a goofy trophy associated with it since the 1990s. If you hate soccer because of “no offense”, this was the game for you- 991 yards totaled by both teams.

Big matchups this coming week: We’ve still got Boise State and the Hokies tomorrow/today. Obviously, we’ll be invested in Miami/Ohio State, but Alabama travels to Penn State, Oklahoma hosts Florida State, while Michigan and Notre Ame square off in the “Praying for a meteor strike” game.

Join us on Thursday where the first GFO of the year goes “missing man formation”… You’ll understand when you see it.

In the meantime, here’s your random clip of the day:

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