Halo Headlines - 9/17/10

Halo Headlines - 9/17/10

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Halo Headlines - 9/17/10


Daily links for the LA Angels including Aybar might have a sports hernia, vibes on Napoli being traded this off-season, Jered Weaver’s high curveballs and much more.

The Story: Erick Aybar might have a sports hernia.

The Monkey Says: This explains his late scratch on Thursday, but since the injury is relatively new, it doesn’t explain his piss poor season.  He’ll have an MRI today, and if it comes back positive, his season is likely over.  In other words, Brandon Wood might be our everyday shortstop until the season is over.  I just lost my appetite.

The Story: Jayson Stark is getting “vibes” that Mike Napoli could be made available via trade this off-season.

The Monkey Says: Just vibes?  Are you kidding me?  Just ask any Angel fan and it seems pretty obvious that the Halos are going to shop Napoli hard this summer.  Hell, I’ve been calling him Future Detroit Tiger Mike Napoli for ever a month now.

The Story: Jered Weaver throws unusually high curveballs.

The Monkey Says: And that is normally a bad thing, but Weave is clearly making it work.  If anything, that makes him seem even better because he is doing it with such a high degree of difficulty.

The Story: Torii Hunter may have lost $5000 on Hideki Matsui’s triple.

The Monkey Says: Allegedly (and I say allegedly because gambling is probably a no-no in this situation) Hunter and Matsui had a bet that Hideki wouldn’t hit a triple all season long.  Poor Torii, he came so close.

The Story: Matt Palmer is a better pitcher for facing adversity.

The Monkey Says: I still like Tubby, but there is no point in getting excited over him because he is going to be a longshot to make the Angels next season, not when he has so many young studs to compete with for a roster spot.  At best, he’ll be good rotation depth to stash away in Triple-A, in case of injury.

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