Michael Vick Is The Best Hope For the Eagles to Win in 2010

Michael Vick Is The Best Hope For the Eagles to Win in 2010


Michael Vick Is The Best Hope For the Eagles to Win in 2010


Mike VickThe Eagles have their next starting quarterback, and he’s been sitting on the bench.  It took an injury to starting QB Kevin Kolb to get him on the field.  Now if the Eagles want to compete, they need to keep Vick under center.  

Vick was a former Pro Bowl caliber QB that knows about winning in the NFL recently.  He’s only 5 years separated from a visit to the NFC Championship game, where he lost to his current team led by Donovan McNabb.  His experience and mobility are key for keeping the Eagles competitive in 2010, and I’ll list why below.

Experience under pressure
I know every QB starts out fresh and has to learn under his own, but whoever starts for this Eagles offense is starting under more pressure than normal.  If the Eagles want to compete this year, they would be doing themselves a disservice by starting Kolb.  With the loss of starting center Jamaal Jackson, it is going to be hard for Kolb to start getting more experience recognizing opposing defenses and pressure schemes.  The starting center normally assists in line blocking assignments to help divert pressure away from the QB.  With Jackson gone, Vick’s experience seeing multiple opposing defenses and blitz packages would be beneficial in keeping the offense in the game.

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