Simmons figures Colts are done

Simmons figures Colts are done


Simmons figures Colts are done


He should have gone with his head.

Which acceptable reaction will prevail in the end? For Week 2, I’m leaning toward a combination of No. 2 and No. 3: The Texans are better than I thought, and the Colts are overvalued, at least in September. I keep coming back to their offensive line, the lifeblood of the Manning Era; he never got sacked, never got pounded and always had time to throw. The Saints harassed him enough last February that Colts honcho Bill Polian pushed for a rule change that Colts quarterbacks weren’t allowed to be touched by opposing players (fine, I made that up), then admitted publicly that they needed to retool the line (that’s true). But really, they didn’t. Four of their five starters returned; of those four, left tackle Charlie Johnson (sprained foot) and center Jeff Saturday (arthroscopic knee surgery) missed the entire preseason before playing hurt on Sunday. As Polian said during his weekly radio show: “They are at less than 100 percent. I think that will change and they’ll get better. But I don’t think you could have found a worse matchup [than Houston] in that situation.”

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