You Make the Call: How Optimistic Are You for 2011?

You Make the Call: How Optimistic Are You for 2011?

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You Make the Call: How Optimistic Are You for 2011?


Well, Optimism Week is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the optimism has to stop… assuming there is any out there still.  Sounds like a great idea for this week’s discussion topic.

The Angels aren’t winning much right now, which doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence for next season, but there are some good things happening within the roster, especially with the young kids and the starting rotation.  Are the Halos set up to regain their swagger in 2011 or will it be another year of frustration.

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You Make the Call! How optimistic are you for the Angels’ 2011 season?

A) HUGELY optimistic!  Reagins will fix this roster through trades and free agency and set the team up for another run at a World Series!

B) Cautiously optimistic.  The 2011 Angels figure to be better, but they do have a lot of holes to fill and the Rangers look like they are going to be really good again next year.

C) Not very optimistic.  The team has a shot at being better, but the offense needs a lot more than just one more quality bat, the defense still isn’t very good and there is no guarantee that the bullpen can be counted on.  It could be 2012 before this team is ready to contend again.

SECRET OPTION D) Abandon all hope ye who root for the Angels!!!  This year has shown that a lot of the core young players the Halos are building around really aren’t that good (see Erick Aybar) and the reliable veterans really aren’t very reliable (see Bobby Abreu).

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