Twitter Tuesday: David Price

Twitter Tuesday: David Price

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Twitter Tuesday: David Price


After seeing a mere 12,446 fans in the stands, Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price hit the Twitters Monday night and tweeted the following about what would be his team’s fourth-lowest home attendance figure this season:

@DAVIDprice14: Had a chance to clinch a post season spot tonight with about 10,000 fans in the stands….embarrassing

What followed was a mixed bag of responses that, if the internet has taught me anything, will lead to David Price to not only become a trending topic later tonight, but also be mentioned in the late editions of SportsCenter.

That said, here’s a sampling of some of the supportive tweets the big lefty got in response. And Hell…even pro golfer Paul Azinger got in on it!

@PaulAzinger: @DAVIDprice14 It was embarrassing. Looked terrible on tv.

@carlhancock: @DAVIDprice14 You spoke the truth David. You guys have a great time and it is a shame you don’t get the support you deserve from the fans.

@PeteAbe: Kudos to @DAVIDPrice14 and his teammates for speaking the truth about their embarrassing lack of support. They need a new market.

@alexbussey: Congratulations to @DAVIDprice14 for being an honest ballplayer. Too often we hear just stock answers night in and night out.

@evan_b: @DAVIDprice14 had to be said. You guys deserve better from your fans, especially with how you pitched all yr

And, of course, with every honest outburst…there were the people that had to take to the internets and try to blast the American League Cy Young candidate

@ltsunis: @DAVIDprice14 You would think having less fans in the stands would be better for a pitchers concentration, yet you are complaining about it

@RaysFanGio: @DAVIDprice14.I went to 14 spring games.65 home games.5 road games.took a road trip to durham this season.thanks for making me feel horrible

@justinn1010: It’s never a good thing to become the story for what you say or do off the field..guessing @DAVIDprice14 learned that 1st hand tonite

Of all the idiots that had something to say to the Rays hurler, this last dude is right…to an extent. But then again…it needed to be said and hopefully, Price opens some eyes.

Remember 2008 when the Rays were all the rage?

All you saw on TV throughout the playoffs (outside of Frank Caliendo) were Rays fans with their blue mohawks and sellouts at Tropicana Field. Well…their attendance numbers then (an average of 22,370 a night) were virtually no different than they are now (23,047 a night through the weekend).

It appears that regardless how well the Rays do (and they’re a damn good, young team, America) they can’t seem to garner the support of the Bay area.

But does that really surprise you? I mean, this is an area of the United States that has a population that fluctuates based on how the weather is doing…why wouldn’t their fanbase?

Fair weather fever…catch it! And while you’re at it, follow David Price on Twitter…homeboy needs all the support he can get right now!

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