Whiteside answers the ADD question.

Whiteside answers the ADD question.

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Whiteside answers the ADD question.


During his first media day blitz, Sacramento Kings rookie Hassan Whiteside was asked and answered a very personal question regarding rumors about his draft day slide.


While I was not the one who asked the question, it was clear to me that Whiteside was caught off-guard. Earlier in the day, I had the privilege to take part in a group interview session with Hassan Whiteside. I found him engaging, funny and extremely likable- more on that later.

Draft day rumors about immaturity and possible learning disabilities caused Whiteside to fall from his projected top 15 status, into the second round where the Kings were happy to grab him. If this summer was any indication of where Whiteside is heading as a pro, the Kings got the steal of the draft. The 7 foot tall, shot blocking 21-year-old spent the summer adding a noticeable 25 pounds of muscle and working out with NBA legend Hakeem Olajuwan.

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