Game 156: Cardinals 6 Pirates 4

Game 156: Cardinals 6 Pirates 4


Game 156: Cardinals 6 Pirates 4


This is how you go 15-50 on the road. Keep the Cardinals in the game, then make a crucial error, then get hosed by an awful call. The Pirates had a 4-2 lead, but gave it back when Charlie Morton gave up a two-run homer to Matt Holliday. Then Ronny Cedeno (who Greg Brown previously declared better than Brendan Ryan in his asinine, “I think the Pirates are because some of their position players are better than the Cardinals’ players” comparison early in the game) flipped an easy throw past Garrett Jones at first base to let the fifth run score. Then in the eighth inning, a Chan Ho Park pitch hit John Jay on the foot and rather than argue the horrendous call, the Pirates just sat on their hands after the Cardinals’ sixth run scored. Yeah, that’s kind of how I feel about this season, too.

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