No NY Flashback for Freeman, Bucs QB unscathed

No NY Flashback for Freeman, Bucs QB unscathed

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No NY Flashback for Freeman, Bucs QB unscathed


I was surprised to read some of the comments (I try my best not to read any of them, but sometimes, like a car wreck, you just have to rubber neck it) that actually laid blame upon Josh Freeman after this loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. Then I realized like the Seminole guy from the other site, these morons are just willing to jump on the “Attack5” after every loss, whether he is at fault or not. Josh Freeman threw for a nice 61% clip on Sunday, and pretty much looked no better or worse than he has any other Sunday so far this year. He took off when he was supposed to, delivered the ball with velocity, had his occasional unlucky break (the Pick and TD) and lucky break (the almost pick on a deep ball M.Williams stopped running on) too. All in all another good day at the office for Josh Freeman. Kellen Winslow and Williams continue to be his go to options….

….and the word is Arrelious Benn will be getting in the game more often in place of Sammy Stroughter who excels as more of a 3rd down guy than a regular starter. Benn is a HUGE receiver who will provide Freeman with a large target to throw at who can go up for a ball and come down with it.

There are probably 5-10 reasons we lost the Pittsburgh game on Sunday; QB Josh Freeman’s play was simply not one of them. When asked if he felt this game was similar to the Jets or Giants games of last year, Freeman quickly rebuked any such comparisons… Check out the audio…

To me the only thing the game Sunday had in common with a NY game from last year is the score; and that’s it. Jets and Giants dominated the Bucs in all facets of the game, Offense, Defense, everything. Against Pittsburgh, the Steelers did a good job on our defense but our offense did a pretty good job moving the ball on their vaunted defense too. We will just have to wait and see how we fare against the Bengals in two weeks.

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