Skip The Hangover... I'm Having A Flashback

Skip The Hangover... I'm Having A Flashback

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Skip The Hangover... I'm Having A Flashback


I’m just going to skip the Hangover post this week. I tried writing one- I really did, but after 3 attempts at the intro, I just said, “Ahh, fuck it!”

Good for me. I was already letting go, and I was accepting what I asked for when I talked about not wanting another close loss. We played like shit, and we did that against a pretty good team with a complete douchebag for a head coach.

Regardless, I did want to get something posted tonight, and then I had the double-take moment that I have been waiting on all season:

#NotreDamedepth chart: Rob Hughes as No. 2 RB. John Goodman as No. 1 PR. C.Wood, T.Riddick, Bennett Jackson battling for KO return.less than a minute ago via web

I wish that I could say, “I told ya so,” but I never said it- unless you have been getting your drink on during the games with me. Privately, I have been shouting for Hughes’s service.

Robert has not had one carry this year, and basically fell back to 4th on the depth chart. With Cierre Wood regressing weekly, and Jonas Gray getting injured against Stanford; Hughes should see some time as the #2 RB behind Armando Allen (who has been a true football warrior on the field).

Hughes won’t be a shot in the arm, but more like a dropkick to the nuts to a running game that needs more attitude and more power. I was screaming at the TV for ND to give Hughes some carries against Stanford- a team which Hughes has run over for the past 3 years.

The timing, actually, couldn’t be better with Hughes’s climb up the depth chart. Hughes is a nice change of pace to Allen, and with colder bad weather games on the way, Robert is that typical power back that can help carry a team when they need it.

So, I pretty pumped. I have really liked Hughes throughout his career, and he has been through so much during his time in South Bend. Good for him, but good for Notre Dame too. I think this could be one of the best things that has happened to this team this season.


And since I have a minute, here is a little bit from the lost Hangover post for this week. I had to say something about this…

Where in the hell were the ushers at? A big thanks to Her Loyal Sons for reminding me of something that got lost sometime after Stanford was rolling up 3rd down conversions. Jim Harbaugh should have been kicked out of the stadium. As many of you may know, I have had an ongoing battle with the Notre Dame Stadium ushers for 3 years now. I go to the games, and they threaten to kick me out for having a wad of chewing tobacco in my mouth while spitting into a plastic bottle with a lid.

There was one moment in particular (UConn 2009), where I was told to throw it out, or be kicked out because of the ordinance forbidding tobacco use. I “kindly” told the usher that the ordinance only forbid smoking, and asked why in the hell was he bothering me when I wasn’t bothering anyone around me? He look flustered and told me that the TV cameras might pick it up and broadcast me chewing tobacco in the stadium- and they couldn’t allow that to happen. Now, enter NBC and Jim Harbaugh…

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