Upon Further Review - USC @ WSU Highlights

Upon Further Review - USC @ WSU Highlights

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Upon Further Review - USC @ WSU Highlights


I guess the old saying is true, for the most part – it’s never that bad, and it’s never that good.  The truth is usually somewhere in between.

The mind of a college football fan is usually, well, a little “off” the first 24-48 hours after a game.  That’s part of the reason we like to call anything we write on Saturday evening or Sunday as “over-reaction” whatever, in the theater of the absurd.  It’s an emotional game, and in that first day or so window of the game, people might say or write or even think things and take things WAY out of proportion.    But the further you get away from it, the clearer the picture becomes.

Colin Cowherd of ESPN always says there are two things that make smart, intelligent men transform into blubbering idiots – beautiful women and football.  I guess Cowherd would know, for he follows and talks football all the time, and he has the enviable “task” of working with Michelle Beadle every weekday.

Uh, yeah, can’t really disagree with that assessment!  Not that I’m smart or intelligent….but women and football can make you a walking, talking mess.

That said, I don’t know how much we can really take from the SC game.  It was interesting in the first half, where the Cougs looked considerably stronger on offense and unveilved some new things, such as the modified pistol formation and showing what is possible out of sets like that.  Anyway, I thought it might be a good idea to look back at the game and enjoy some of the positives, even in the 50-16 wreckage.  Hey, there’s even a couple of DEFENSIVE plays to watch!  Cool.

Enjoy the video after the jump, and as always, GO COUGS!

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