You're Doing It Wrong

You're Doing It Wrong

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You're Doing It Wrong


The last few week I have been racking my brain to figure out where the Angels’ season went awry.  I tried to find some precise fatal flaw, but really could only come to one conclusion: they’re doing it wrong.

You're Doing It Wrong

When in doubt, use a LOL Cat picture.

Need some proof as to just how the Angels are doing it wrong?  I’ve got your proof right here:

4th in the American League in strikeouts.  Lots of swings and misses isn’t exactly conducive to putting pressure on the defense like the Angels usually do.  As it turns out, you have to actually put the ball in play to do that.

You’re doing it wrong.

2nd in the AL in caught stealing, 7th in stolen bases.  Those forces combined rank the Angels dead last in stolen base percentage.  Speed kills in baseball, unfortunately, sometimes it kills your own rallies.

You’re doing it wrong (specifically Torii Hunter and his countless ill-advised stolen base attempts).

3rd worst OBP in the American League.  Last time I checked, you need to get on base to even begin manufacturing runs in the way that the Halos like to do.

You’re doing it wrong.

9th best ISO in the AL.  If you can’t get on base and you can’t hit for average and can’t run the bases very well, you sure as heck better be able to hit for power.  The Angels must’ve missed that memo.

You’re doing it wrong across the board.

10th best reliever ERA in the AL.  What good is it to have a strong rotation including a Cy Young contender if the bullpen can’t hold a lead or keep games close?

You’re doing it wrong and pissing off the starting rotation.

75 wild pitches, the most in the American League.  Can’t get anyone out if you can’t throw it within the general vicinity of the plate.

You’re doing it wrong, unless Crash Davis told you to throw it at the bull.

The worst BB/9 rate by a bullpen in the AL… by a lot.  If you are going to suck as a collective bullpen, at least make the other team work for it.  Throw some strikes!

You’re doing it wrong and Fernando Rodney is your leader.

The 4th worst LOB% amongst relievers in the AL.  The relievers are about as effective at bailing out their starting pitchers as Obama has been bailing out the economy.

You’re doing it wrong plus inducing political commentary, never a good thing.

A UZR of -14.  Let’s just say it is a good thing that the Angel pitchers generate a lot of strikeouts

You’re doing it wrong.

The second-worst fielding percentage in baseball.

You’re doing it wrong, both in new advanced fielding metrics and old school fielding metrics.  That’s cross-generational wrong.

The fourth worst batting average with runners in scoring position in all of baseball.  So much for that clutch hitting, eh?

You’re doing it wrong and making Mike Scioscia cry.

The Angels overall RISP is .245, their RISP with two outs is .241.

You’re doing it wrong.  And you’re doing it wronger with two outs.

Second-worst OPS in the AL from the seventh inning on.  Well, that would certainly explain the lack of comeback victories.

You’re doing it wrong.

It is all just so, so wrong.

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