Charting a Drive: Who needs to run the ball?

Charting a Drive: Who needs to run the ball?


Charting a Drive: Who needs to run the ball?


Welcome back Kasey_Junk for what for now (happily) seems to be a weekly look at a key drive.

I thought I’d take a crack at charting an offensive drive this week.  Due to the way NFL games are shot, it’s hard to chart the play of the receivers in routes (come on, NFL, sell me the coaches tape!) so I decided to only pay attention to Peyton’s protection. 

This game was emotionally brutal to watch.  After the Brandon Lloyd touchdown the Broncos had scored 10 unanswered points, we were up by 3 but I sent my brother a message saying that we were definitely losing this game (I’m a pessimist about the Colts so this is relatively normal).  After the Lloyd touchdown the Broncos caused a 3 and out and things were looking grim.  The Colts D responded by causing a 3 and out of their own.  The Colts got the ball on their 21 at the 9:31 mark in the third quarter.  They proceeded to march down the field on an 11-play drive for a score.  The play calling was the opposite of balanced, 10 passes (7 completions) and 1 run.  Indy took a 20-10 lead.  They wouldn’t look back.

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