Has Donkey found a new Shrek?

Has Donkey found a new Shrek?

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Has Donkey found a new Shrek?


Shrek and donkey 

Man… Nate Robinson and Shaquille O'Neal have really been buddy buddy a lot lately, huh? 

First it was stuffing a cookie into a sleeping Shaq's mouth… then it was feeding him salt water instead of regular water… and today in practice, Chris Forsberg caught this video of Nate trying to do a suicide drill while wearing Shaq's size 22's.


Nate also caught an unsuspecting Shaq with a dunk today…


And the profile picture on his Twitter page is even of him and Shaq.

Meanwhile, after Glen Davis has been mum ever since his media day bitching.  Sure, he makes a brief cameo in this video… but it also makes me think Donkey has found himself a new Shrek.   

Poor Glen.  Doesn't even know his role with his buddies anymore.

(hit this link now for full tongue-in-cheek effect)

By the way… I LOVE Paul Pierce's cackling in the back.  Awesome.  Glad to see the boys are having fun.  By the way, here's Truth's angle of Nate running in Shaq's shoes.  Hysterical.

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