Kuharsky sits down with Polian (MUST READ)

Kuharsky sits down with Polian (MUST READ)


Kuharsky sits down with Polian (MUST READ)


Cool interview

PK: Some punts this year haven’t yielded you much in field position. Has your thinking on that changed at all? Might playing four downs in some spots to gain a scoring chance be more valuable?

BP: First of all, I don’t look at it from a statistical standpoint. To me, it’s always a game-by-game decision. Who’s the return man, what is the other team doing, what is the status of your defense, what’s the status of your offense? It’s a situation-by-situation decision. We’ve been unlucky in certain situations where if the ball had bounced properly for us or correctly for us we would have had kills on the 1-yard line. That said, we haven’t been as clean as we should have on the technique there and that will improve as we go on into the season. As far as decision making, that’s up to coach on a situation-by-situation basis and I don’t believe in any of the statistical formulas that I’ve seen.

This answer drives me nuts.  It just makes me crazy.

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