Mathis motivated?

Mathis motivated?


Mathis motivated?


He’s making up for the Super Bowl in his own way

How much is he personally motivated by the Super Bowl, in terms of what happened to him?

“Very much so,” he said, “because we know it didn’t end the right way. So we’re back on the grind, doing our jobs and trying to finish the job.”

I guess I didn’t phrase my question specifically enough. So I tried again. I wanted to know how the Super Bowl memory stayed with him, considering he didn’t even show up on the stat sheet. Mathis had zero sacks, zero tackles. New Orleans offensive tackle Jon Stinchcomb shut him down. If it were me, that’s something which, going forward, would be motivation.

“That’s in the past,” Mathis said. “You’ve just got to look forward to this year.”


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