So Many Special Announcements, So Little Time

So Many Special Announcements, So Little Time

S.F. Giants

So Many Special Announcements, So Little Time


Live Blog Alert!
The Giants Cove will be conducting a live game blog today at 12:30PM PST, featuring the San Francisco Giants (not surprising) and the Arizona Diamondbacks. I have not done this before, so there’s always a possibility of interruptions (a friend comes by with some messy pork ribs and a 2008 Clos Des Ambres Meursault), or distractions (Miss Brazil’s limo breaks down in front of the house), or a potential computer failure (17 Mbps?, dammit, I know I paid for the 19 Mbps upgrade).

But, what the hell, we’ll take a few of those long-haul truck driver medications and see if we can get that load all the way to Bakersfield on time.

Coveroo Alert!
On another front, I am pleased to announce the first joint venture project between the Giants Cove and Coveroo, Incorporated. You might ask, just who or what is “Coveroo”? Coveroo is an international provider of goods and services you do not have and badly need.

Until I received the Coveroo Platinum Package, I was wandering aimlessly up and down the West Coast desperately seeking answers. Now, I am again allowed to live within 200 yards of any elementary school in America, and the majority of those frivolous stay-away orders have finally been rescinded by the courts.

Coveroo not only manufactures excellent products, their customer service and tech support is outrageously good. When you call Coveroo with a product problem, they do not route you to a crowded call center in mid-town Bombay; they will actually fly you and a friend to Bombay, where your product issue will be discussed with a trained technician over hot curry and gin and tonics. (Coveroo legal disclaimer: Return flight not included; must transport a securly wrapped package for drop-off at a Bombay International Airport unisex restroom; actual product problems rarely resolved to customer’s satisfaction).

But back to the alert. All kidding aside, Coveroo is in reality a wonderful company that customizes personal cell phones with a choice of over 2,000 great professional designs, or with custom art work you provide. Coveroo cell phone designs include MLB and NBA teams, The Simpsons, Family Guy and a lot more. And they are awesome.

Check out their site at (and at

With Coveroo, you don’t need to send your phone anywhere to have it customized. Almost all phones now have a easy to remove faceplate, and Coveroo will mail you the high quality engraved design you choose on a new faceplate. All major phone brands are supported including Blackberry. 

Now, Coveroo is offering loyal Giants Cove readers a great free offer: Send me an email with your name and full mailing address, and tell me what Buster Posey’s real first name is. If your email is chosen, you will receive the free Coveroo phone cover of your choice!

Send your emails to: by Monday October 25, 2010 at 12:00pm PST. Tell me Buster’s real first name, and you may be a winner (for once). I will number each correct entry, and convince a bikini-clad female friend to use an on-line random number generator to pick two (2) winners. Unless the age of consent laws in West Virginia have changed, I will publish a photo of the actual Giants Cove drawing.

Check out Coveroo and send me your entry, or continue to be an MLB chump.

Two Giants Cove/Coveroo winners will be announced prior to the first 2010 World Series game on Wednesday October 27, 2010. Don’t delay, send me your email today!

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