Wonderama Week 4

Wonderama Week 4

Ultimate NYG

Wonderama Week 4


Wonder takes us around the league with comments on all 32 NFL teams.

Buffalo– Can I give a negative number for them? The worst team in the NFL.
Miami– Chad Henne will be a pain in my Jet team’s butt for the next 10 years. 
New England– VG team.  They’ll need to win every game 35-31.  But they can score the 35.
NY Jets– Brodney Pool made 2 huge defensive stops at the end of the game vs Miami.

Baltimore– I thought this was the year the O was going to take over for the D?
Cincinnati– Good solid team.  How good would they be if Carson started playing like Carson?! 
Cleveland– We knew Mangini didn’t get it.  Now we know Holmgren doesn’t get it.  The question is, how long does this marriage last?  
Pittsburgh– They will be the best team when Roethlisberger comes back.

Houston– Did Cinderella lose her glass slipper?
Indianapolis– Will always be a Top 5 team until Peyton is put in a wheelchair.
Jacksonville– Do you remember when people actually thought John Fox and Jack Del Rio were good coaches?
Tennessee– Jeff Fisher gets the most out of his players. Name one guy on their OL or DL!

Denver– Oh how the mighty have fallen.  Will Josh McDaniels see the end of his contract?
Kansas City– On the right track.  Not an elite team yet, will finish ~8-8 or 9-7.
Oakland– How do you not score with 1st and goal from the 1?
San Diego– Second most disappointing team this season.

Dallas– Watch out baby, here they come.
NY Giants– Cellar dwellers of the NFC Least.
Philadelphia– Can Vick really be this good? We’ll find out soon enough.
Washington– Shanahan lost his team 2 weeks ago when he went into the Prevent vs HOU.

Chicago– I really like the addition of Mike Martz.
Detroit– Not as bad as they look.  Still headed in right direction.
Green Bay– Mike McCarthy showed his true coaching inability on Mon night.  Too bad, because they sure have a boatload of talent.
Minnesota– Until Sidney gets back, tell Brett to just hand the ball off to AP.

Atlanta– Still not sold.  I like OL running the ball.
Carolina– Significantly worse than DET.  And w Clausen at QB… more trouble.
New Orleans– Still the best team, despite Sean Payton’s moronic FG attempt on 1st down.
Tampa Bay– Mike Williams is showing me something.

Arizona– Total charity. See Oakland’s comment (in reverse, for last week’s win).
St. Louis– Not a good team. 
San Francisco– Most Disappointing Team of 2010, bar none. 
Seattle– One of the early surprises of the NFC.  Playing hard for Pete Carroll.

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