Acting Cordial - Discussing Monday Night's Jet's Game with Rex Sanchez

Acting Cordial - Discussing Monday Night's Jet's Game with Rex Sanchez


Acting Cordial - Discussing Monday Night's Jet's Game with Rex Sanchez


Once again, Purple Jesus Diaries is happy to work with a Bloguin NFL blog (not sure if they like to Croc joke or not …) where we preview the upcoming Minnesota Viking football game through the eyes of a drunken opponent. This week, we talk with Rex Sanchez, the only blog about the New York Jets that I’ve bothered to try and find. Over on their site, I’ve answered some of the questions they have as Jersey Shore Jets fans, and here they’ve answered some questions I’ve presented about Gang Green, the disease of course. Also, I’ve added some editors notes to only piss the Rex Sanchez guys off AFTER they’ve so kindly answered my questions. So read on, and visit their site to check my responses, and of course feel free to harass them. On to the Q and A!

Purple Jesus Diaries: I will say that I think the Jets have come on pretty hot so far this year. They started off slow with that loss where they looked out of sync and sloppy, but since the Patriots game they’ve looked pretty dominant. I’m sure we should prepare for all sorts of Namath kissing Kolber references as well, since this will be a Monday night game. I just hope he stays away from me. Here’s some questions to get us started …

A hefty portion of Vikings fans are going into this game thinking that the Jets are some kind of wounded kitten with Dirty Sanchez back there at quarterback. Fans are thinking that if the Vikings load up on the run, our admittedly stronger-than-normal backfield will be able to shut down the Jets passing attack. But I think Sanchez is actually coming along quite nicely and that this game sets up perfectly for the Vikings to look like idiots by writing Sanchez off. Is he ready to attack a team through the air and be the offensive focal point? And why is he so soft spoken? He’s too damn pretty as is, he needs to nut up.

Rex Sanchez: He is soft spoken but he’s not afraid to deliver a nice soundbite. Even though he said it partially in jest, he did say after the Week One loss the team would go 15-1—a pretty ballzy statement considering the team’s performance that night.

As for his play, he’s more than ready to air it out and take advantage of Antoine Winfield—the Viking player true Jets fans hate. In case you forgot, the Jets had him signed in March of ’04 but Minnesota stole him away (may have been blessing though as Winfield may have meant no purchasing of Revis Island) [Ed. Note – Really? This is fucking retarded. That was like 37 years ago.]. But in answer to your question, The Sanchise is ready to win games with his arm. He won the Pats and Dolphins games and played very well last week despite LT’s exploits.

PJD: The coaching match up is Brad Childress versus Rex Ryan. Things could get really ugly. What are Ryan’s coaching flaws, if any, other than he likes to get some fucking snacks every once in a while?

RS: The man does love his snacks. Hmm what are Rex’s flaws? He does have a tendency to milk, or eat timeouts, but in terms of real flaws, I would say he buys into his talk too often. He has a lot of pride and confidence in his players, almost to a fault, so when his guys are constantly getting beaten (see: Kyle Wilson), he sometimes fails to remedy the situation. Overall though, I have very few complaints about Rex’s coaching style. (knocking on wood). [Ed. Note – Appreciation for your head coaches job? Wha?!]

PJD: Ladainies has been a great pick up for the Jets, especially in their running scheme and behind that massive offensive line. Whatever happened to Shonn Greene, though? He seems to have got lost in the shuffle. Was it a mistake to lose Thomas Jones? Is the running game just as good this year as last?

RS: I would say the running game is just as good as last year, but with Sanchez stepping up his play they haven’t needed to run as much. I thought letting go of TJ was a mistake, but LT has been incredible. Greene just isn’t seeing touches at the moment. He’ll be fine. Come December, and God willing January (and February), I see Shonn being the team’s feature back; need to ride LT while he’s hot (and motivated).

PJD: The Jets have also had a lot of injuries heading into this Monday night game. Early signs point to most players returning, including the reemergence of Revis Island. To be honest, he probably doesn’t need to even play against an embarrassing Vikings passing offense, but what other injuries concern the team right now? Will it affect the game’s outcome?

RS: I think the Jets injuries are pretty under control right now. Ellis’ knee injury has me a bit concerned. My biggest injury concern is Mark Sanchez’s impending season-ending knockout blow. Matt Slauson, the left guard, has almost got No. 6 killed multiple times this season. Slauson even knows it. Read this quote,

“I know teams are coming after me. If Mark gets hit wrong, if anything happens, he could be out … and it could be my fault. I think about that a lot. But I can’t be scared about it. If I play scared, he will get hit.”

[Ed. Note – As a Nebraska fan, I used to call him Hot Slaus. I tought it was very clever.]


PJD: Moss v. Revis. It’s been a great story thus far and the two of them have already met once this season. It seems like both players have games they can point to and say they got the upper hand on the other guy. I haven’t paid much attention to the rivalry because I didn’t really care about the AFC East UNTIL NOW! So what can you tell me about how awesome it’s been seeing these two match up for the past couple of years, and what do you expect Monday night (assuming the Super Freak plays, of course)?

RS: Honestly, sorry to say this, but it hasn’t been that awesome. Revis was right. Moss was a slouch in both their meetings last year. Once Moss realized he wasn’t getting off the Island, he gave up. In the Week Two matchup, Moss detected Revis’ injury and made him pay. And now with Moss in a new offense and Revis still hurting, I’m still not expecting much.

But for ESPN’s sake, yeah…It’s Revis, it’s Moss! It’s Monday Night Football!

PJD: How awesome was Hard Knocks? The scenes where drifter players and rookies got cut really tugged at my heart strings. It was messed up. And Tony Dungy can go to hell if he doesn’t like to hear Fuck Bombs. Watching Rexy coach a team made all 105 pounds of me want to go destroy my spine on a football field. So, game prediction? Do you see another Jets win?

RS: The man certainly knows how to motivate his players. And I agree, %$#@, Tony Dungy!

As for Monday night, oh my, the Meadowlands is going to be a facking madhouse. Between the hatred for Favre, the Jets coming off three divisional wins, and the return of Revis, Santonio, and Pace, the place is going to be 80,000 blood-thirsty, violence-seeking New Yorkers [Ed. Note – Aren’t you all from New Jersey?]. It should be fun. And now with Moss back in the fold, Monday night should be one of those games you are thankful for giving such a big crap about sports.

I see an exciting, nerve-racking Jets win.

Jets-20, Vikings-16

[Ed. Note – My prediction is fuck this noise. You’ll have my OFFICIAL one on Monday.]

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