Proof: The Cards, The Most Boring Team In Baseball

Proof: The Cards, The Most Boring Team In Baseball

St. Louis Cardinals

Proof: The Cards, The Most Boring Team In Baseball


So the Cardinals, as we all know, pretty much sucked to watch in 2010. They were boring as all hell. Not only did they lose all the time, but they were painful to watch. If only science had something that proves that so we could end the debate once and for all that the ’10 Cardinals were brutal to follow…

Wait, there IS?

What the F is that Hooks?

That’s a chart created by the website Thuuz showing the excitement level all season long for all 30 MLB teams. Let’s let them explain:

“It was another last-place finish for the Kansas City Royals, but by one measure, they were baseball’s most-exciting team. Statistics company Thuuz analyzes games by accounting for things like run differentials, upset wins and comebacks. This system gave the Royals, who played in 57 one-run games, an MLB-high excitement score of 52.2. The cross-state St. Louis Cardinals were baseball’s most-boring team by this standard.”

That little blurb from the Wall Street Journal is pretty much saying that there is a science to deciding what games are exciting and that the Cardinals didn’t have many in 2010.

Obviously excitement isn’t a precursor to success (see: Royals, KC) but if you’re not going to be playing in October, then at least it’s good to be entertained, no? And the close games? Maybe that’s just an indication that the Cards didn’t give a crap for most of the games they played in.

Extrapolate what you will from this chart (hard to see, I know…) but it is, by any measure, the most tangible proof that your eyes weren’t deceiving you… the Cardinals were a hot mess in 2010.

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That’s it. Those are the links. That is the post.

UPDATE (10/10/10) Friend of the site @CardsChic is having her class participate in a pretty cool little blog project. Please drop by and comment if you get a chance. LINK HERE

But before we go, a very historic milestone for Fresh WC and The Waterboy has been reached today. Hope your 20’s was worth it.


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