The 2010-11 Pistons Are About The Most Depressing Team Ever

The 2010-11 Pistons Are About The Most Depressing Team Ever

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The 2010-11 Pistons Are About The Most Depressing Team Ever


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It’s almost impossible to name one thing to be excited about right now with the Pistons. Rodney Stuckey, one of their “star” players refused to come in a close game a handful of games into the new season. [I goofed. Stuckey was benched for not listening to Kuester and wasn’t put back in the remainder of the game against the ATLiens, he didn’t refuse to come back in. But, his status for tonight’s game is questionable] The players are feuding with the team’s coach (again). The #7 pick in the draft has been benched multiple games. Probably the Pistons most promising player for the future (Jerebko), most likely ended his season minutes into game 1 of the exibition season. And to top off this turd sandwich of a team, they currently own the worst record in the NBA at 0-5, while blowing multiple 4th quarter leads.

What makes them extra depressing is their roster really isn’t all that bad. It’s certainly not great, but no where near the worst in the NBA. I mean, we got 2 players left that were core members of a team that went to 6 straight ECF’s, Ben Wallace, Stuckey, Gordon, the #7 pick from last year and Charlie Villanueva who is, umm, something to this team.

This team has no chemistry, and it looks like they just run through the motions each night. It’s been painfully obvious that the other teams just want it more then them. The only fight they have shown so far have been on twitter, or in the media.

John Kuester is probably not that great of a coach. But, he is looking likely to be the 3rd coach in a row within 4 years to be ran off by the players. The Pistons players sense of entitlement is mindblowing. When the going gets tough, these guys meltdown and blame others.

Detroit has certainly had some depressing teams in its past. But, they usually sucked because their rosters were full of minor leaguers and castaways that had no business being in that position in the first place. They lost because they weren’t talented enough. These Pistons, however, they just lose because they are dysfunctional. Their roster is old, makes almost no sense how it is constructed, and their leadership is poor. In my opinion, everyone deserves a check minus for the clusterfuck that is so far the 2010-11 Pistons.


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