The Week That Were: 11.06.10

The Week That Were: 11.06.10

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The Week That Were: 11.06.10


Our weekly foray into the world of college sports brings with it certain challenges, not the least being the choice of an appropriate soundtrack. For instance, this week we were looking to honor the new month as well as the chaos that’s come out west to the Big 12 teams that travel from home. So, here’s where we ended up- although the sentiment may be a bit misplaced:

This week’s common theme in seems to be that “There’s no place like home”, as teams fell left and right without their home fans and support. Texas certainly proved that they don’t need to be in Austin to look terrible, losing to a Kansas State team that didn’t have a passing yard until after they were up 32-0, and one that only had 9 yards on 2 completions for the night. Five interceptions by Blake Gilbert were enough to do the damage for the Horns; the defensive backs for the Wildcats had more than twice the receptions of their offensive counterparts.

Remember when we laughed at Texas as they fell to Iowa State? Well, Nebraska almost got sucked into the cyclone as well, winning in OT when ISU’s fake extra point was intercepted. Granted, the Huskers were using their third string QB and were without Roy Helu, but still; there may be something happening in Ames.


Big Game Bob must have forgotten that aTm was a “big game”, as the Sooners dropped their second game of the year by  falling to the Aggies in College Station.  Remind me again why he gets a pass on these types of fiascoes? Two other media darlings fell to the wayside, with Baylor succumbing to T. Boone Pickens’ fighting Gundys in Stillwater, and  the Missouri Tigers choked away another game on the road.

Oh, and Southern Idaho State? Kansas sees your 42 points against the Rainbow Warriors, and wonders why you needed three extra quarters. Dan Hawkins has done to the once proud buffalo program what 19th century hunters did to once proud buffalo, leading to an awkward phone call earlier this morning.

TCU also has something to say about your schedule, Broncos- although, the 42 points you put on Hawaii at home sure was cute. You know, Hawaii? The team that wasn’t the 6th ranked team in the country like the one the Horned Frogs hung 47 points on?

Since I’m the de facto fashion guru here at tBBC, let me say that I appreciate what Under Armour is doing to draw attention to our troops, but you’ve got to think that the soldiers are less than excited to put their lives on the line for uniforms that just look awful. If you want to get involved and wear the stylish threads you’ve already got, you can make a difference by connecting with the Wounded Warrior Project.

And now the “Game of the Weak” in the Big T1e1n…TTUN and Illinois outscored their last basketball outing, leading to a bit of confusion yesterday. While we were only joking when we theorized that Mich1gAAn should just challenge an opponent to a “pop a shot” competition, I never thought that a) they’d actually do it or b) someone would take them up on it. Must be part of Rodriguez’s master plan– find a way to have the other coach play in a way that handicaps their team; although, in Illinois’ case, it’s called “Letting Ron Zook Coach”. For those of you who are interested in getting really dizzy, feel free to check out the automated drive chart. Just don’t do so if you’re taking certain medication…

Hey! Robinson got hurt- who could have seen that coming? Good thing they’ve got a backup savior on the bench… That’s two wins of a sort for the Wolverines this week, given that they also “won” an additional year of probation. So congrats to Mich1gAAn on being bowl eligible– although wouldn’t Michigan/Louisville in the Little Caesars’ Bowl be a bit awkward? Loser has to eat their own product…

Here are some important Wolverine stats, to help that one person at work “keep it real” (courtesy of the Detroit News Team):

  • Defensive Total #114 (453.67)
  • Scoring Defense #104 (33.89)
  • Pass Defense #115 (285.56)
  • Rush Defense #84 (168.11)
  • Turnover margin: #108

Also in the Big Ten, huge congrats to Coach Paterno, who’s won so many games that he can’t remember most of them. That’s not meant to be a “Joe Pa is old” joke (although he is), but honest admiration for a 400 win career. He said the other night that he still remembers his first one, and the phone call from James K. Polk to congratulate him (that was meant to be a “Joe Pa is old” joke). And now- the long road to 401… it ain’t coming next week.

Oh, Iowa.  Better yet, ‘Oh Hoosiers’.  Man, it’s probably not a good week to be Demario Belcher in Bloomington… Michigan State recovered from their loss, and Purdue put an early scare into Wisconsin. If the Boilers had won, the Buckeyes path to Pasadena would have been a lot clearer, and our friends at Boiled Sports would have gotten a ton of link love from our fantastic team or writers. Alas, they’re still resigned to advertising on the back of pizza boxes.

Freshly fertilized?

Alabama managed to find a way to lose, in spite of their allegiance with the Great Saban. Oh, great- Now we get to hear how brilliant Les Miles is again, especially since he’s got a bit of a quirk with grass. Given that he’s the “Mad Hatter”, here’s a better take on the moment. Nevertheless, I admire the call and the execution on the fourth and one reverse that led to the game winner.

Holy frick- remember when the SEC used to be known for defense? Arkansas and South Carolina certainly put that to rest.

Would someone tell me what the heck is going on with North Carolina? Almost lose to William (AND Mary), then beat FSU in Tallahassee? Again, that’s your ACC, BCS representatives… Oh, and Da U is BACK! What a great group of fans, all joining together for their “orange out” against Maryland.

Ashland spoiled ODU’s senior day, while Mary Hardin-Baylor continued the high scoring of the weekend by beating Sul Ross State 76-12.

Nothing too exciting happened in the Pac-10, unless you count a large human being hurdling another large human being in a game that was lost due to a blocked extra point return for a score.  The only explanation that I can come up with for that play is that he was able to power-up off of the 2nd and 10 launchpad. The Ducks continue to dominate, which has to help distract people away from how god awful their new basketball floor is. Not judging, but “deep in the woods” does not summon thoughts of wholesomeness. UCLA also won, kicking a field goal to beat an Oregon State team that no one has rationally explained to me- their “rating” is based on what, again? Stanford? Well, they kicked the snot out of Arizona.

Which brings us to “This week in poll dancing“, where one loss Stanford and one loss LSU jumped idle Ohio State in the AP poll. LSU makes sense- they’ beat the defending national champions.  But this is Stanford’s second last second win (U$C the other) over teams that were inexplicably rated. The Harris and Coaches’ polls have the Buckeyes at 7, while the Sagarin ratings have them at 13– which is behind four teams with two losses. It’s hard to take the “computers” seriously when they move Alabama up four spots following a loss.

Fun fact of the week. Alabama’s average computer rank is 11th after Saturday’s loss at LSU, up from 15th before the defeat.

Anyone who argues that the SEC gets the same “media love” as everyone else, or that it doesn’t matter need to look at those figures again.  When Ohio State lost to a one loss team, did they move up four sports? This year, the Buckeye’s issue is strength of schedule- Miami sucks this year, and they let opportunity run down their throats in Madison. This may be stating the obvious, but winning out means Roses, and that may be a stretch.

This week’s games include Gameday at the Horseshoe (you’ve got to wonder if they’ll also go to Iowa City the following week), Buckeye nation cheering for the Boilers (second chance, guys), the Gators and the ‘Cocks for the SEC East championship, Oregon and Cal in the “who’s fanbase is the highest?” annual competition. TBPU travels to Austin with hopes of continuing the ‘Horns home woes, and Auburn welcomes the Georgia Bulldogs.  While we’ll be visiting a famous “Game from Obscurity” on Friday, I also wanted to point out that this week is the “Bronze Ball” game between D3’s Anderson and Manchester, both from Indiana.

Note that I said “Bronze” and not “Brass”- that game happens where ever Les Miles is coaching.

And now, your moment of Zen:

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