Who to Root For: Week 9

Who to Root For: Week 9


Who to Root For: Week 9


The Colts play in the late afternoon slot on Sunday, so we can sit back and watch the early games with more interest.  It’s November now, and no matter how muddled the playoff picture, we still can take a rooting interest in several of the games. 

Here’s who to root for in Week 9:


As always, we start with AFC/NFC matchups.  The rule is simple.  Root for the NFC. This week there is only one of note.

Jets at Lions

Let’s move on to teams at 5-2 or 6-1.  They still stand on better or even footing with Indy, so they qualify as easy calls.

Patriots at Browns

Dolphins at Ravens

Chiefs at Raiders

Steelers at Bengals

Tough Calls:

The toughest game on the board is the Chargers at Texans.  I’ll hear arguments from anyone saying we should want the Texans put down, but something in me says the Chargers are the more dangerous team in the long run.  The playoffs will be easier with the Chiefs rather than the Chargers winning the West. 

Plus, watching Rivers and Norv lose is always a treat, and I’ve felt dirty pulling for them the last two weeks.

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