The greatest thing you'll ever read

The greatest thing you'll ever read

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The greatest thing you'll ever read


It’s not often you get to sit back and watch an entire fanbase’s descent into hell. But now you can!

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you the Black Shoe Diaries “Fourth Quarter Open Thread”.

For those of you unaware of BSD, they’re the brilliant minds that claimed the Rose Bowl win over Oregon was “no big deal” and that Pryor did not win that game for Ohio State (336 yards begs to differ, but as the saying goes, “you say potato, I say you’re kinda ignorant”).

We could spend hours creating a catalog of their hypocrisy and their follies, but instead, we think you should just read the thread.

For a reference, the thread begins just before Pryor throws his only INT of the day at the 2-yard line. The spirits are high at that point, but it won’t be long before they begin complaining about the refs and the descent into hell begins.  You might actually laugh out loud a couple of times.

Also, for bonus points, see if you can pinpoint the actual moment when their heart rips in half. Go ahead….you’ll thank us later.  Feel free to tell us your favorite individual moments in the comments.

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