Beasley's Bucket Buries McHale's Navy

Beasley's Bucket Buries McHale's Navy

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Beasley's Bucket Buries McHale's Navy


Wolves Defeat Clippers 113 – 111 to improve to 4-9 on the season

Well, I wanted to watch the game, but it wasn’t on TV… again.  Good luck getting any new fans to check out this team when they don’t have games on TV. The Love 31-31 game, followed by a close game against an EC playoff contender in the Atlanta Hawks, and then this one. Such fail.

In the TWolves Blog Forum game thread, I made a short prediction of thus, for tonight:

Ok, we can definitely beat the craptastic 1-10 Clippers. Talk about a disappointing, terrible team. Blake Griffin goes OFF. Love cannot even begin to contain his athleticism. Bledsoe outplays any/all our PG’s. Aminu has more Points + Rebounds than Wes Johnson. Somehow we still win by at least 10 points.

Wasn’t far off, other than the Wolves eventual winning margin.  From the boxscore, looks like Be Easy and Love carried us again.  That’s to be expected for us to win games this season.  They ARE the best Forward Combination in the NBA, after all. #BizarroWorld

Darko had another good game, which is very encouraging. Plus he was 5 of 6 for his FG’s!  Woohoo.

I feel sooooo bad for McHale’s Navy, a.k.a. Gomes, Smith, and Foye.  Well, mostly for Gomes.  And not for Foye at all.  But anyways, god that sucks for those veterans being stuck on the Clippers.  They have the entire youth movement going, and there’s really no place for any of these three.  Gomes is a super sub glue man on a contender.  Rhino is a change of pace backup big man, and Foye… well, he just sucks.  But still, I can’t believe they signed Foye and Gomes this off-season.  Then again, it’s Donald Sterling, so yeah.


Check out the latest entry, #5, in KLove’s new GQ Blog.  I actually got a sneak peak at it earlier today, but had to wait until it posted on the GQ site before I could link to it.  HERE IT IS.  And here’s an exerpt about his 31-31 game last Friday night:

Blog Entry #5: Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2010
In Which Kevin Talks About his Historic 30-30 Performance—his Post-Game Encounter With the Heckler Who Inspired It

A quick post today, because GQ wanted me to talk about my 30-30 game over the weekend against the Knicks before we get too far away from it. If you haven’t heard, I scored 31 points and pulled down 31 rebounds in our comeback win against the Knicks, and I found out afterward that it was the first 30-30 game since Moses Malone did it in 1982. When I heard that I was kind of in shock. I had no idea it had been so long. I didn’t know what to say. All I could think was, “Well, I guess I’m in pretty good company.” The only other time I’ve had 30 rebounds in a game was in high school—I think I had around 35 during a national tournament game in Florida, and it came against Brandon Jennings and his old high school from Compton. And I only know that because after the Knicks game, all my high school buddies reminded me about it.

As great as that game was for me, the best feeling was making that big comeback. When you’re down 21 points like we were in the third quarter, you don’t come back because of just one or two guys. We were really feeling it as a team. And that was the loudest I’ve ever heard the Target Center get. I’ve been around for almost 200 games now, and it was pretty special to hear the crowd go nuts like that.

The funniest thing about that night: early on I was getting heckled by a Minnesota fan. The guy was screaming at me: “Run back on defense! If this is how you’re gonna play, we’re gonna trade you!” The whole first half I kept hearing him, and that kind of enraged me inside a little bit, so I came out and had that big second half. After the game, I kept looking his way and shaking my head, flexing at him, like, “What do you say now?”

Don’t forget to read the rest at: Love Will Tear Us Apart

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