Brett Favre's Shoulder Injury Isn't What You Think

Brett Favre's Shoulder Injury Isn't What You Think


Brett Favre's Shoulder Injury Isn't What You Think

By the Vikings dropped to an embarrassing 3-6 record on Sunday when they lost to the Bears, it was reported that Vikings quarterback Brett Favre had felt new stiffness in his throwing shoulder that he had surgery on a while back to repair damage to a rotator cuff. It was thought by many that this was another sign of wear and tear on the elder signal caller, and that his body was beginning to show the age that his years reflect.

However, by Thursday Favre dispelled many of these rumors. Was the arm stiff? Yes, of course. But according to Brett Favre, there was a very simple reason for this …

“It’s been hard these past few weeks, especially since the bye week” Favre related in a candid interview. His right shoulder was wrapped in ice and he was flipping through texts on the phone in his left hand. “Since the bye week when I had some time to rest, we’ve had a tough schedule. We had to fly out to New York on Sunday night to play in our Monday night game, then we spent more games on the road in Green Bay, New England, and Chicago. I guess what I’m saying is that when we’re on the road, things get lonely some times, and I am a right handed guy, you know …”

Favre noticeably plays better at home. Out of the three games the Vikings have won this season, all have been within the familiar confines of the Metrodome, and near his wife, Deanna. “Oh, she’s my rock, she really is. She really keeps me centered, relaxed, and takes one in the butt like a champ.”
Favre related that trainers have told him to utilize his non-throwing arm for other needs. “Yeah, they told me to start using my left hand for things, like turning on and off light switches, dialing phone numbers, or ‘playing the stranger’, just to mix things up. I told them I’d give it the old Southern try, but when push comes to jerk, I just fall back into old habits, like throwing interceptions, you know?

“I really think it’ll help being at home though” Favre continued. “When Deanna’s around I don’t have to keep my throwing arm tight with repetitive motion, you know? Instead I can ice it and keep it fresh for the game. Sure, some say ‘Brett, take it easy man! You don’t need to be Shake Weighting it five times a day.’ But it’s different for guys like me and Shank. We do have to do it, and if you’re married, it makes it hard to not just call on a masseuse or a different lady in different cities. Got to stay faithful, like the old Bible told me. And so the only lady I see is Rosie, if you get my meaning.”
When asked, Childress said he had no comment, but then added “Make sure you knock before you go into his hotel room, I’ll tell you that.”

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