Celtics vs Wizards G11 GreenLights

Celtics vs Wizards G11 GreenLights

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Celtics vs Wizards G11 GreenLights


After completing a successful 3-1 road trip, the Celtics had three days off to prepare for a young Washington Wizards team that embarrassed them last March.  The game got so out of hand that the Garden faithful showered the C's with a healthy forecast of boos.  Last night was very different however.

From start to finish the Celtics came out looking like the well-rested and prepared team going against a team on the second night of a back-to-back playing without its top player in John Wall.  The Celtics took care of business in a classic blowout, shooting exceptionally well and capitalized by some fantastic Celtic defense in the third quarter.  Oh and it also marked the long awaited return of Delonte West.

Q1: The first quarter begins with Delonte telling us how he's going to the correct locker room now after being away for so many years.  Other highlights include:

  • Shaquille O'Neal calling himself the Big Shamrock and the black Tommy Heinsohn as he tells us its gametime
  • The C's win the tip, then KG gets it to Ray off a curl for the jumper
  • Rondo lobbing it to Shaq for the lay-in
  • Rondo with the recovery block on Kirk Hinrich, eventually leading to a KG jumper
  • Solid defensive set forcing Gilbert Arenas to hoist a bomb
  • JaVale McGee gets the offensive board, but KG forces him to take a horrible follow shot
  • Paul Pierce with the finger roll
  • Another Ray Allen jumper
  • KG and Shaq working the offensive glass, Shaq with the lay-up
  • Pierce driving the baseline, dishing it to Shaq for the easy bucket
  • KG with the hand off to Pierce, who gets blocked on the dunk attempt but Shaq grab the put back, and 1
  • The C's force a turnover, leading to a Rondo lay-up
  • Pierce stepping into a three, from an inside-out play
  • Rondo to Semih Erden for the lay-up
  • Delonte finding Pierce for another three
  • Rondo, Big baby and Semih running the "4-5" play, this time Rondo blows by everyone for two


Q2: The second quarter begins with a beautiful shot of the Boston Harbor at night followed by a Delonte West steal, then taking it coast-to-coast for the lay-up.  Other highlights include:

  • Nate Robinson driving to the basket, dishing it to Semih who misses the lay-up but keeps with it and puts it in
  • Good defense forcing Hinrich to jack up a three
  • Another Shaq slam
  • Marquis Daniels grabbing a defensive rebound then taking it the length of the court for two
  • Another solid defensive set
  • Arenas tipping a Rondo fast break pass right to the hustling KG for the opportunistic slam
  • KG's famous after-the-whistle goaltending
  • An attempted rondo-to-KG alley-oop
  • Rondo to Ray for the jumper off another curl
  • KG with the steal, then Ray rewards him on the break
  • Rondo stealing the lazy inbounding pass all the way for two
  • Shaq with the offensive rebounds, then dunking over three Wizards while the fourth (Hinrich) wisely avoids the mayhem (Celtic legend John Havlicek is in the house and enjoys it)
  • Ray drawing the offensive foul on Arenas
  • The Celtics actually executing an effective final offensive possession to end the half with e KG baseline jumper


Q3: The amazing third quarter begins with a nice jumper by Rondo.  Other highlights include:

  • Rondo to Ray for three… beautiful
  • Rondo to Ray for the jumper off another curl
  • Rondo to KG for the alley-oop
  • KG anchoring a nice defensive set
  • Rondo to Pierce on the backdoor cut for two
  • Al Thornton running into the "Big Plug" as Tommy Heinsohn calls Shaq
  • Shaq with the spin move on McGee forcing the foul
  • Some great defense inside forcing McGee with the bad lay-up attempt, then KG getting an And 1 taken away
  • Rondo draining a jumper as the 24-second shot-clock expires
  • Rondo with a surgical bounce pass to Pierce cutting to the hoop for the lay-up
  • Another swarming 24 seconds of defense, resulting in a Hinrich jumper that hits nothing but backboard
  • Three passes resulting in a KG baseline jumper
  • KG coming from out of bounds for another alley-oop from Rondo
  • Big Baby with the nice baseline steal
  • Yet another Rondo to KG alley-oop
  • Yet MORE great defense forcing Hinrich to pass it out of bounds
  • More swarming defense eventually leading to a Pierce baseline spin-away jumper
  • Pierce drilling a top-of-the-key jumper on their final offensive possession of the third quarter
  • Great hustle by Big Baby and Rondo to combo block Lester Hudson's buzzer beating attempted lay-up to end the third


Q4: The final quarter of extended garbage time begins with a beautiful night shot of the Zakim Bridge followed by a strong drive by Delonte.  Other highlights include:

  • Marquis picking off a pass then taking it the length of the court and drawing the foul
  • Big Baby dishing it to Semih who gets smashed in the face by McGee, but McGee is the victim of the Turkish Posterization
  • Semih forcing McGee to a bad lay-up attempt
  • Delonte with the bullet pass to a cutting Nate for two
  • A brief clip of Delonte discussing how he watches games at home and how Tommy has been lacking with giving out Tommy Points
  • Semih to Big Baby for two
  • Delonte with the huge recovery block on Kevin Sepharin
  • Quis to Nate for the three in the corner
  • Delonte for three
  • After some more swarming defense, Delonte drills the transition three
  • KG teaching Shaq about Gino!
  • Delonte finding Von Wafer for the three
  • Delonte with another three
  • Luke Harangody with the board, then knocking down the jumper at the other end



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