Charting A Drive: Too Many Replacements

Charting A Drive: Too Many Replacements


Charting A Drive: Too Many Replacements


Kasey Klipsch’s back with his regular column.

After a week when the defense saved the day, it would be easy to cover one of their many dominant drives.  There were several compelling defensive story lines, such as good play from an injury-depleted linebacker corp., a dominant d-line performance, d-line replacement player sightings, or even bad play by defensive backs.  Instead, on re-watching this game the drive that stood out to me was the last offensive series of the first half.  This drive was a perfect example of all that is holding the offense back.  Terrible line play and a reliance on replacement players turned what normally would have been a touchdown drive into only 3 points.


Play: Manning in shotgun, short pass left to B. James for 12 yards.  Manning is able to step up.  The two Bengals CBs both follow Wayne on an out route leaving James open underneath.

Cin Formation: Nickle

Ind Formation: 3 WR (1 wide left, 2 right)/1 TE (slot right)

– Diem has a good block on the RDE.

– Linkenbach good block on the RDT, gets help from Saturday.

– Devan is pushed back a bit, but handles the LDT ok.

– CJ does a good job with the LDE.

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