Colts/Pats in 2015

Colts/Pats in 2015


Colts/Pats in 2015


Nice idea, but I’m not sure it accomplished what it set out to.  The participants were too reasonable.  Most of the stuff on the Pats side was nonsense.  Whichever team falls off the cliff first will probably be the first to get strong again.

Others who may still be staples when Manning is gone: receiver Austin Collie, linebacker Pat Angerer, tight end Jacob Tamme, tight end Brody Eldridge and punter Pat McAfee. Can that group be the core of a team that continues to win? I wish I could offer a solid yes or no instead of a tepid maybe.

Beyond that, we’ve got five drafts to consider, right? And Colts president Bill Polian regularly finds undrafted gems. I don’t doubt the Colts will have talent. But they’ll need new Freeney-, Dallas Clark– and Reggie Wayne-caliber stars, plus the replacement quarterback.

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