More updates from Phil B

More updates from Phil B


More updates from Phil B


He chats with Belichick

“Tom’s done a great job of that. Through the years, he’s just continued to improve every season in some things, find an area, little things, work on it, situation football or certain plays or types of throws, whatever it is, all that really becomes important for your team when you see players like that, that work hard to do it all the time and to get better in areas, even when everybody can recognize that they are amongst the best at their position in the league, whether it be Manning or Brady or whoever it is. That’s a pretty special guy to have on your team.”

Collie makes a statement

“I certainly have appreciated all of the thoughts and prayers received over the past couple of weeks.  Every day I feel like I am improving, and it was great to get back on the field in some capacity on Wednesday.  The doctors and training staff here have been tremendous, I can’t say that enough.  I understand everyone’s concern, but I prefer not to discuss the specifics of the play in Philadelphia, and I hope that can be respected.  It was a football play, and that’s part of football.  Now, I want to focus my efforts on continuing the gradual process of getting back on the field and helping our team as we approach a very crucial part of our season.

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