Here’s why I suck (yeah, again):

I was all excited with this great idea with the Mets acquiring Chin-lung Hu from the Dodgers that I was going to do a whole post called “Chin-lung Hu: A Photo Essay”.  And I knew I could do this because when I was in Orlando in 2008 I saw the Dodgers in two places, Orlando and Vero Beach, and I remember watching this little dude practice turning double plays for twenty minutes against Atlanta thinking “aww, how cute … they let a junior high kid try out.”  And I took a million pictures in Orlando.  Surely, I have five or six of this guy trying hard in practice and I could do a photo essay.  It was going to be great … I was going to make Eddie Gaedel jokes, call him Aqua Lung, bemoan the fact that it’s actually Gary Thorne calling the World Junior Championships and not Gary Cohen (I’m really sorry about that. Just trust me, I didn’t get the two former and present Mets announcers confused … I know the difference.  But it was tentatively Cohen and then it became Thorne.  I blew it.)  It was going to be a lot of fun.

But I race home through 45 feet of snowbanks to turn on my computer and find out that I have nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  I watched Eddie Gaedel take grounders for two hours and I didn’t take one damn picture of him.  You know what’s worse than me not having a damn picture of Chin-lung Hu after watching him take grounders forever?  Well, Chin-lung Hu is as big as my cat and is a career .197 hitter, and he’s ours, that’s what … I guess.  And I can’t even make a joke about Sandy Alderson leaving Chin-lung Hu under our Christmas tree, because he’s small enough he might actually fit!!!

You’re going to have to settle for this picture I stole off the internet:

Yes, he’ll bring the stars back to Citi Field.  But no, he can’t have that number.  And speaking of, what the hell was he doing wearing that number as a Dodger anyway?

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