CD Year In Review: Predictions Revisited

CD Year In Review: Predictions Revisited

St. Louis Cardinals

CD Year In Review: Predictions Revisited


Back in April I took a stab at some predictions for the upcoming Cardinal 2010 season.

Punches were not pulled and bets were not encouraged. In fact, we were pretty open with the fact that this site is historically horrible at making any sort of predictions. And that might be underselling it, actually.

But that didn’t stop us from taking a bunch of random stats, putting some names and numbers next to them and calling it a post.

What follows are the original predictions and then in the ( ) you’ll find just close we were to making a correct prognostication.

Here are the orginal predictions:

  • Team Wins: 94 (Ended up with 86. Damn, a few wins away from the postseason.)
  • HR’s: Albert Pujols (42) (NAILED IT EXACTLY)
  • Wins: Adam Wainwright (20) (NAILED IT EXACTLY)
  • Hits: Matt Holliday (217) (Holliday led the team with 186)
  • RBI’s: Matt Holliday (121) (Pujols led team with 118, Holliday ended up with 103)
  • Steals: Brendan Ryan (15) (Pujols led with 14, Ryan ended with 11)
  • Walks: Skip Shumaker (77) (Pujols had 103… Shumaker ended with 43)
  • John Goodman Game Appearances: 2 (Can’t remember the big fella at any games, so 0)
  • Rainouts: 4 (Best I can tell… NAILED IT EXACTLY)
  • TLR Ejections: 4 (Only 2. One ejection led to a suspension for 1 game)
  • ERA: Chris Carpenter (2.48) (Waino had a 2.42 to lead team, Carp ended with 3.22)
  • Saves: Ryan Franklin (25) (27 for Franklin, so I was pretty close here.)
  • K’s: Brad Penny (140) (Uh oh. 35 for Penny. Wainwright ended with 213)
  • Team BA RISP: .289 (.263, so not close on this one. Higher than expected when I looked it up.)
  • NL MVP: Matt Holliday (Joey Votto won, Holliday wasn’t in contention.)
  • NL Cy Young: Adam Wainwright (Roy Halladay won unanimously. Wainwright was second)
  • Games you’ll be at: 9 (Shot high here. I only went to about 5…)

Throw out the Brad Penny on the K’s (not totally awful considering he didn’t play 4 months after hurting his back hitting a grand slam) and the Shumaker BB totals and I don’t think I did half-bad. Hell, I nailed 3 calls exactly. Not easy to do.

So next time someone asks you why you read this garbage you can tell them with a straight face that we’re providing insight that stands the test of time.

Or that everyone once in a while we give something away. Either way.

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