Concerned Bucs havn't beaten a winning team? Check out what others have 'accomplished'.

Concerned Bucs havn't beaten a winning team? Check out what others have 'accomplished'.

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Concerned Bucs havn't beaten a winning team? Check out what others have 'accomplished'.


Reading comments after the Bucs demolished the Seahawks, and of course some people are still not happy. “Still havn’t beaten anyone with a winning record. The Big Dog Steve Duemig pointed out how the Bucs only had 4 teams on their schedule to which they could get a ‘quality’ win. But lets look at what some of the other teams have done in the NFL. The Green Bay Packers beat the Giants this past weekend making a whopping 3 teams with winning records the Packers have beaten, along with the Bears, Jets and Eagles. Packers however have lost to the Dolphins, Redskins, and Lions. Up next is the New Orleans Saints, and this team has also played only 4 teams with a winning record, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and now the Bucs who are winners too. The Saints beat three of them, losing to Baltimore. So great Saints have only 3 winning teams they have beaten. But its really interesting to note the Saints have LOST to the Cardinals and the Cleveland Browns; teams we beat. Hmm this playoff game against the Saints could be interesting. Those are two good teams, who have lost more games against losing teams than the Bucs have (1) yet all anyone can see are the games the Bucs could NOT win against. Talk about glasses half full. How about the NY Giants, the team we lose out on tie breakers to! The G men have won TWO games over a team with a winning record, over the Chicago Bears and Jacksonville Jaguars. Meanwhile they’ve lost some games to teams with winning records too! They took a big L from the Colts, lost to Green Bay, and got swept by the Eagles. Meanwhile the weak teams they played, they lost to the Cowboys and lost to the Titans. So don’t be so hard on ‘your team’, the Bucs still have a chance to get a win over a team with a winning record when we face the New Orleans Saints; a team we beat last year in the rematch after also getting blown out in the home match against them. a game following a win over Seattle. Lets hope history repeats itself!

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