Shaq ain't done talkin'

Shaq ain't done talkin'

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Shaq ain't done talkin'


Shaq was just hit with a $35,000 fine for being less than complimentary to the NBA officials.  It's a big hit… one you'd think would just get him to let it pass.


"I didn't say nothing detrimental to the league," O'Neal said. "All I said was No. 26 [official Bob Delaney] was the baddest [bleep] out there."

Paying the fine won't be an issue for O'Neal, although he admits the amount is pretty steep.

[…] "That David Stern tax, baby" O'Neal said. "That David Stern tax is a [bleep]."

Hold on… I'm getting a vision…. 

I see a bank account… belonging to a Celtics center… getting even lighter…. 

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