Suspended Players Speak to Media

Suspended Players Speak to Media

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Suspended Players Speak to Media


The Buckeye players that were suspended for selling items and taking discounts on tattoo services spoke to the media today (video at link).  This was the first we had heard from them since the incidences occurred.  The media was not allowed to ask questions, and many of the players simply read off what they had wanted to say.  The gist of each player’s statement is below.

DeVier Posey – Promised to return for his senior year and earn his degree.  Stated he was sorry for his actions

Mike Adams – Apologized to Buckeye Nation, expressing how important being a Buckeye was to him.

Dan Herron -Expressed his sorrow for his actions.

Terrelle Pryor – Apologized for his immaturity in his actions.  Hoped to someday earn forgiveness with his actions on and off the field.

Solomon Thomas – Wanted the alumni to know that all five do love Buckeye Nation and will seek to earn forgiveness.

Jordan Whiting did not make a statement of any sort.

This was the first public step towards the life lesson that these players are learning in no uncertain terms.  I’m glad they did it, and it’s clear that they are deeply ashamed by their actions.  Hopefully this gesture helps the team to move forward from here.

I give Posey a lot of credit.  I believe he made the right career decision by coming back for what will functionally be a half season.  More importantly, I believe he made the moral decision to accept the punishment that was delivered and to work hard to earn his degree.  I earned a lot of respect for Posey here – he’s clearly got his head and heart in the right places.

The other 4 made no statement regarding their intentions to return or not return.  I would not be surprised to see them leave, and honestly, it would be in their best self-interest to do so.  I refuse to judge these kids for taking advantage of the loophole the NCAA has provided for them.  I would like to see them return, I would like to see them face the consequences of their actions with their heads held high.  But I will not lose respect for them if they choose otherwise.

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