The Players Need New Coaches

The Players Need New Coaches

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The Players Need New Coaches


The following is an email from myself to the other 3 writers on this blog.  It was sent at 5:27PM ET on Sunday, mid-late second quarter.

I am writing this now rather than suffer watching the NY Giants being made to look like children by Aaron Rodgers.

I have written all year about what would happen to this team if they faced a top tier quarterback. I have written vociferously about the flaws in the Tampa Two. We have been fooled because in fact, the only decent quarterback the Giants have faced before today was Peyton Manning.  Of course we got shelled.

We may come back and win this joke but the fact that 265 pound Brandon Jacobs could be brought down by a man who hardly touched him says volumes. The fact that the N.Y. Giants gave up a totally uncontested touchdown because they were playing Tampa Two, the fact that Eli Manning has already made his twenty second interception and his 26th turnover, the fact that Coughlin could put out a passionless team in a must win game says it all.

Once again Coughlin will bring a phony team, a camouflaged mess, a second half of the season flop, a team that will get low draft picks into 2011.  No matter the outcome of this game we are watching the Emperor with no clothes, the imposter of a real playoff team, a ring of coaches who have NOT prepared this team again.  Everything we feared when I predicted 7-9 and Glenn predicted 5-11 is apparent today.   The Giants cannot handle adversity and either Perry Fewell is a liar or Justin Tuck and Barry Cofield are lying about what defense they brought into the fourth quarter last week.

Fewell swears that he wanted an aggressive blitzing defense. The players say they were playing prevent, they say they were instructed to play a “sort of” prevent defense.

I can only speak for myself but it is apparent this team, like all Coughlin teams, wins a few in mid-season only to implode when they need to be peaking.

Eli is still doing the good Eli bad Eli show, which is not acceptable in the seventh year.  I came to his defense a few weeks ago because I knew he was capable of what we got in the first 50 minutes vs Philly.  But we all know he suffers through major inconsistencies during games and through seasons.  Isn’t it justification to get regime change so that Eli can get a new set of coaches and a fresh start?  It cannot be worse than this.

It has come to light that Tom Coughlin’s idea of preparing his team for a game is to run film on the U.F.C.  Yes, I read that Tom loves the street fighting insanity and feels this is what his team needs to see in motivation for a game. Ironically, his team played last Sunday and again today as a bunch of statues without the passion or the attitude of the current gladiators who are grossing out anyone with a living brain cell on a weekly basis.

Sure, it’s about wins and loses but it is also about how you win, against whom and when that counts. This team is a trojan Horse as are most of the Coughlin-Gilbride era teams.

I repeat it was Spags who took us to the Super Bowl and to a second successful season the end of which is eerily like what we are seeing today.

Call me negative, call me names, call me what you will but this is my opinion and the tape of last week’s game says that Perry Fewell is lying and the players are telling the truth.  It’s late second quarter and we got an unforced turnover on a completed pass.  Green Bay was marching again.  One cannot ignore that our rookie punter has already shanked two.

Manningham just made an incredible catch off an underthrown Eli pass. The Giants have tied up a game they have been dominated in.  I hope they win but, if Bill Cowher truly wants to coach next year and the Giants don’t make a change my lifelong support of this team will be severely tested.

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